May 20, 2012 04:00 ET

Do You Know When to Call an Emergency Plumber?

Simple advice can help take the panic out of this common situation.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - May 20, 2012) - A plumbing emergency is a stressful and potentially expensive home disaster which almost every household in the country will have to deal with at some stage. Calling out an emergency plumber for a non-urgent problem can be costly, yet leaving a plumbing issue to deteriorate can prove even costlier in the long run. Faced with such a situation, it is vital that you stay calm and assess exactly what you are faced with.

There are some plumbing problems that can wait until the next day or until Monday morning without causing any problems. Others need to be fixed as soon as possible; to prevent flooding and water damage, or to ensure that you have heating and hot water for you and your family.

In general, you should call a domestic emergency plumber if:

  • You have water leaking or gushing anywhere in your house or offices
  • Your toilet is blocked
  • You have burst pipes
  • You have no water flow at all
  • You can't turn the taps off or on
  • You damage the water pipes or water supply when doing DIY
  • Your water supply is discoloured

Another top tip is to ensure that you know what plumbing services are available in your area so that you can be prepared. Established companies like Dyno often offer a no-obligation quote so you know how much the situation is going to cost before you commit to having any work carried out.

An emergency plumber will always cost more than a plumber you would call out for routine maintenance in advance. This is because they need to be available at short notice at any time of the day or night, during bank holidays and at the weekends. Like almost every professional, plumbers charge non-standard working hours at a higher rate. Where possible, avoid unnecessarily high call-out costs by making sure that all your appliances are properly maintained or installed as a matter of course, preferably by qualified plumbers. If in doubt get in touch with your chosen plumber and ask for their advice.

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