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March 14, 2011 05:00 ET

Docea Improves Electronic Design Power Modeling With New Version of Aceplorer

Aceplorer 2.2 Adds New Library of Customizable Blocks, UPF 2.0 Support

GRENOBLE, FRANCE--(Marketwire - March 14, 2011) - Docea Power, the design-for-low-power company that delivers software for power and thermal analysis at the architectural level, announced today that it is shipping a new version of its Aceplorer software. Aceplorer is used to model and optimize electronic design power consumption, early in the design cycle, at the architectural level.

What's New
Aceplorer 2.2 adds a library of generic blocks that can be used as a starting point for creating libraries of components including Intellectual Property (IP)-based power description models. Its graphical user interface (GUI), and project management capabilities have been improved so that it is easier to instantiate, aggregate and share libraries and designs among different teams.

Aceplorer 2.2 automatically outputs Unified Power Format (UPF) 2.0 or IEEE Std. 1801-2009 files to allow architects to communicate their specifications to the implementation or realization teams. This eliminates having to write the first UPF file in the flow by hand, a step that is prone to errors and tedious for system architects to perform. By automating this process, Aceplorer 2.2 helps reduce the risk of errors. An easy-to-understand UPF file editor allows for information sharing and reduces the risks of misunderstandings among different teams.

"We continue to be committed to improving the accuracy of high level, architectural solutions for analyzing the power consumption of electronics designs, at the SoC and platform level," remarked Ghislain Kaiser, CEO of Docea Power. "Our software addresses power optimization early in the design cycle where it makes the most impact."

Docea Power will exhibit at the Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE 2011), Booth No. 39, Grenoble, France, March 15-17, 2011.

About Docea Power
Docea Power develops and commercializes a new generation of methodology and tools for enabling faster and more reliable power and thermal modelling at the electronic systems level. Its Aceplorer platform offers a consistent approach for executing architectural exploration and optimizing power and thermal behaviour of electronic systems at an early stage of a project. Docea's customers include manufacturers of electronic systems, chips and boards targeting wireless, multimedia, consumer, networking and automotive applications. For more information:

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