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Dockon, Inc.

March 16, 2010 11:00 ET

Dockon Introduces First Commercially Viable Compound PxM Loop (CPL™) Antenna

New Antenna Technology Provides Dramatic Improvements in Performance, Efficiency and Radiated Power Based on Easy-to-Manufacture Micro-strip Technology

RENO, NV--(Marketwire - March 16, 2010) -  Dockon, Inc. today announced the release of the first commercially available Compound PxM Loop (CPL™) antenna for embedded product designs. Available now, the Dockon reference design CPL antenna increases radiation efficiency, intensity, directivity (gain) and radiated power for a given input in a small package.

Using common manufacturing techniques, Dockon's CPL technology can be used in most any wireless application, including those that require MIMO and have space constraints. The technology is suitable for a wide variety of wireless applications, including mobile computing devices, industrial controls, automotive, aerospace and military, medical devices, consumer electronics and stand alone antennas.

CPL antennas offer higher gain in a smaller size with efficiencies never before available in such a small form factor. CPL antennas are easily manufactured using conventional PCB techniques. CPL antennas can also offer a very broad bandwidth. More than one octave with positive gain across the band is possible. CPL antenna designs may be etched, printed or cut from a wide variety of substrate materials, including low cost FR4 depending on application and transmit power requirements.

"CPL technology is the culmination of more than 20 years of prior research and rewrites 60 years of assumptions about electrically small antennas," said Patrick Johnston, CEO of Dockon. "After years of development, testing and refinement of the design process, CPL antennas deliver on the promise of compound antenna technology in an easy to manufacture format. CPL is a revolution in antenna design offering a more powerful and efficient radiator over a wider band in a smaller footprint than ever before possible."

CPL antennas are the first commercially available compound field antennas that utilize both magnetic loop radiators and co-located electric field radiators. Conventional antenna technologies typically excite either electric or magnetic radiators, but not both. This simultaneous excitation of both radiators results in an effective cancellation of reactive power, improving the overall performance and efficiency. Radiation efficiency in the 90 percent range is common in CPL antenna designs.

Dockon will begin licensing the CPL technology immediately. For customers with unique requirements or custom applications, Dockon can help speed time to market and testing of new products using their unique design methodologies.

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