July 09, 2012 13:42 ET

Doctor Created SmartPhone App, MedXCom Patient, Offers Secure Online Medical Storage and Communication With Your Doctor

MedXCom Patient Is a HIPAA Certified App for Consumers With Better Than Online Banking System Security

MENDHAM, NJ--(Marketwire - Jul 9, 2012) - Giffen Solutions, Inc., a market leading electronic health communications company founded by physicians, announced today that its revolutionary new app designed specifically for patients, MedXCom Patient, is now available for use by the general public. This is the only app on the market to offer a HIPAA compliant, secure way to communicate with your doctor and their office staff while giving you, the patient, total control of your medical information. The new app MedXCom Patient is available at the iPhone store at no charge.

MedXCom Patient is an innovative patient portal that lets you store and manage all of your health information, as well as instantly share important data and updates with your doctors. This is the consumer/patient version of a secure, HIPAA compliant "Facebook Like Page." You can alert all of your doctors instantly to a medical status, such as being in the Emergency Room, while giving you complete privacy and full control over your personal health care information -- you decide what to store, what to share, and who gets to see it.

MedXCom Patient is used in conjunction with MedXCom, a web-based communications and social network platform designed to improve physician and patient interaction and enhance the quality of healthcare through innovative technologies. It includes the following unique features:

  • Upload all of your paper medical records, including surgical history, allergies, medications, lab reports and more
  • Store images of your health insurance card and driver's license for faster processing through health care facilities
  • View and update your profile anytime
  • Add unlimited dependent profiles, both children and dependent adults
  • Add providers to your "Health Team" to easily share medical records with doctors
  • Instantly notify all of your health care providers if a health emergency occurs
  • Track and graph your child's height and weight and see their growth curve and percentile
  • Track your height and weight or your blood pressure and blood sugar values

"We have so many reports of patients waiting weeks or months to get their medical records transferred from one doctor to another -- MedXCom Patient does this with a click of a button. No more waiting -- all of a patient's medical information is securely stored so that patients and their physicians can share information instantly," says Dr. Nusbaum. "It provides a new level of communication, accountability, and a personal touch in what has become an overworked, frenetic, impersonal business. MedXCom Patient also allows patients to take charge of their personal health with suggested preventive measures based on a patient's individual and family history. It also empowers their doctors by providing them access to a patient's medical information when they need it most and when it is necessary to make rapid diagnosis."

MedXCom Patient is HIPAA certified, with security and encryption which exceeds that used by most online banking systems. Only you and your authorized providers will be able to view your health records and profile information. You can convert all your paper records into one convenient record, stored securely, accessible via your app, and rest assured that your private data is safe. Download the FREE MedXCom Patient app today, and enjoy the convenience, flexibility, and enhanced quality of care you'll get with your secure, one-stop health profile, along with improved communications to and from your healthcare providers.

Dr. Nusbaum is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Giffen Solutions, Inc. Dr. Nusbaum and his team at Giffen are dedicated to improving health care, communication, and compliance through innovative technology.

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