SOURCE: Dr. D.J. Verret

Dr. D.J. Verret

March 03, 2010 16:46 ET

Doctor Reveals Plastic Surgery Secrets of Oscar(C) Greats

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - March 3, 2010) - Tough guy actor Mickey Rourke has a pixie ear. Honest.

"It's a condition that occurs when the ear lobe is somewhat absorbed into the main structure of the neck because of the after effects of a facelift," said Dr. D.J. Verret, author of Patient Guide to Cosmetic Facial Procedures ( and a facial plastic surgeon with an eye for detail. "For stars like Rourke, their face is one of the only commodities they use to make a living, so they protect it to the extent that they can, and when nature fails, they look toward a skilled cosmetic surgeon to help things along."

Dr. Verret believes that many of the great performers who have been nominated for Academy Awards over the years have had cosmetic surgery to extend the length of their careers.

"While the only people who really know if they've had work done are the patient and surgeon and neither is likely to talk about it, the truth is that a good surgeon can tell when there's been work done just by looking at someone's face," Dr. Verret said. "Just like a great film director can deconstruct another director's film because they know how to put one together, a surgeon intimately familiar with the cosmetic procedures can spot the tell tale signs that someone's been under the knife."

For instance, Dr. Verret believes that Oscar© nominee Penelope Cruz was the recipient of a nose job.

"Penelope Cruz has a parenthesis deformity of her nose which points to a rhinoplasty," he said. "This mild deformity develops after surgery, when the tissue at the tip of the nose curves together to form what looks like tiny opposite parentheses. That's not a naturally occurring phenomenon. You only get that when someone's had surgery."

Elizabeth Taylor still looks stunning for her age, with some of the work having been well documented.

"I would say Elizabeth Taylor has had several procedures, including a rhinoplasty in her 20s -- which was noted in a biography -- in addition to at least one facelift," he said. "Despite her procedures, she looks very natural and elegant."

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