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January 07, 2016 08:00 ET

Does Your 2016 Budget Include Dental Care?

:DentalPlans Resolves to Help You Save and Smile This Year

PLANTATION, FL--(Marketwired - January 07, 2016) - As a new year begins, many people are making resolutions to save money -- which usually involves cutting back on unnecessary spending, maybe selling some things that have been sitting around, unused for the past year, and of course, budgeting family and household expenses. Certainly the budget includes items like groceries, gas, mortgage and healthcare, but does your 2016 budget include dental care? If not, it should.

Along with the typical warnings of developing gingivitis, cavities, or halitosis due to poor dental hygiene, neglecting your mouth has also been linked to more serious, chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Fortunately, regular cleanings can prevent the spread of gum disease or stop it before it can cause significant damage, which makes seeing your dentist every six months very important.

What's unfortunate about dental care is that a large portion of the population will go without it due to cost. According to the Federal Reserve's Report on the Well-Being of U.S. Households, over a quarter of respondents went without any kind of dental care the previous year because they could not afford it. And though health insurance has been made more accessible through the Affordable Care Act, assistance with dental insurance is still lacking. In fact, 58 percent of participants from :DentalPlans' :DP SmileIndex™ survey claimed they skipped out on dental insurance because it was too expensive. That same survey found that only 4 percent purchased their dental insurance through the ACA.

If you are like the 100 million other Americans without dental insurance, or even if you have insurance but are still trying to stretch your budget to pay for that root canal you've been needing or for your kids' braces, don't worry; a dental savings plans could help.

What is a dental savings plan?

Dental savings plans are an affordable alternative to dental insurance that allow plan members to save 10 - 60 percent on most dental procedures. Whether you need x-rays and cleanings or more extensive work like root canals and crowns, a dental savings plan could help you save money. :DentalPlans is the leading marketplace for dental savings plans with over 30 different plans to choose from and more than 100,000 participating dentists nationwide.

How does it work?

Dental savings plan members pay a low annual fee and gain access to discounts all year long with plans from networks like Aetna, Cigna, Careington, and more. Once you are a member, all you need to do is print your card, present it to any participating dentist and start saving money by paying the discounted fee right at the dentist office. There is no paperwork or claims to file and no waiting for reimbursement. You also can't be turned down for pre-existing conditions and there is no waiting period -- most plans activate within 72 hours.

To learn more about dental savings plans, visit, and make 2016 the year of savings and healthy smiles!

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*A national study was conducted for :DentalPlans between Jan. 1 and Jan. 7, 2015 by Infosurv Research. A total of 1,200 national respondents were surveyed, yielding data with a margin of error of +/- 2.83%.

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