May 13, 2009 10:57 ET

Dog Bites: A Serious Safety Concern for Your Letter Carrier!

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - May 13, 2009) - Tales of dogs and letter carriers are not the product of folklore! Nor is the image of Fido chasing after your letter carrier. Unfortunately, dogs of all kinds are still left unrestrained and have a "biting" greeting in store for the letter carrier. Canada Post recorded 67 serious incidents involving dogs last year in Quebec and nearly 500 across Canada.

And yet, the words letter carriers hear most often are: "My dog won't bite!" However, any dog, regardless of breed, weight, size or pedigree, can bite at any time. It can be difficult for letter carriers, who carry heavy loads of mail in their satchels on a daily basis, to defend themselves if attacked. Therefore, it is important for your letter carrier to be able to deliver the mail in complete safety. Canada Post can suspend mail delivery to an address that poses a potential hazard.

You can make all the difference in ensuring the safety of your letter carrier and any other person who must come to your home as part of their duties:

- Keep your dog inside or

- Tie your dog up firmly outside far from the mailbox or letter carrier's path

- Do not tie your dog to the stair railing or mailbox

- Do not give your dog access to the screen door or the letter slot

- Be careful! Do not leave your doors open

Your dog's duty is to protect your home; your letter carrier's duty is to deliver your mail. Help us serve complete safety!

Note: Letter carriers are available for interviews. It will also be possible to follow letter carriers on their route.

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