February 21, 2007 09:17 ET Releases Its 2007 Report Card on U.S. Pet Travel

Pet-Friendly Hotels and Lodging Get High Marks; Restaurants and Parks Show Room for Improvement; Airlines, Trains, and Buses Need to Become Pet-Friendly

POLLOCK PINES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 21, 2007 -- (, a publisher of dog travel guide books and web guides, today announced grades for the various categories of dog travel. graded lodging, campgrounds, airlines, trains, buses, parks, beaches, restaurants, stores, attractions and pet-sitters. The highest marks were earned by hotels, off-leash parks and campgrounds. Areas with room for improvement included parks, beaches, restaurants, pet-sitters, stores and attractions. Areas that failed to serve the quickly growing dog travel community were nationwide buses, trains and airplanes. Here are the grades:

Lodging: A               Pet-friendly accommodations offer dog
                         owners good variety.

Campgrounds: B-          Most campgrounds allow dogs, but there
                         are often restrictions.

Airlines: C-             Very small dogs can ride in the cabin,
                         but most dogs have to go in cargo.
                         D- for most dogs; B for the smallest

Nationwide               No dogs are allowed. Meanwhile, the
 Trains/Buses: F         public subsidizes businesses that are
                         turning away paying customers with

Local                    Small dogs allowed on many city public
 Transportation: C-      transit systems; Large dogs allowed on
                         a few.

Parks: B-                Limited access for dogs, especially in
                         National Parks, but still many
                         dog-friendly parks.

Off-Leash Parks: B+      700+ off-leash parks; some require
                         local permits making it difficult
                         for travelers.

Beaches: C+              Only 250 pet-friendly coastal beaches
                         out of 1500 around the country. But
                         most major regions have at least one
                         dog-friendly beach.

Restaurants: C+          Undue government interference
                         restricts dogs to outdoor areas only.
                         Restaurant owners cannot allow dogs
                         inside, even if they want to cater
                         to people with dogs.

Shopping: B-             You can usually find somewhere to shop
                         with your pet. Shopping centers should
                         be more open to dogs.

Attractions: B-          Some outdoor attractions allow dogs;
                         most indoor ones do not.

Pet-Sitters: C+          The industry is excellent for local
                         dog-sitting. However, not enough pet
                         sitters watch pets in hotel rooms.
See for more information on these categories., providing dog travel information since 1998, offers a free website and publishes paperback books.

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