SOURCE: Marc Ostrofsky

November 04, 2013 11:39 ET

Domain Name Hits the Auction Block for the First Time in History

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - November 04, 2013) - The Internet Domain Name hits the auction block in three weeks...on November 21, 2013. This world-class asset has never been on the market for sale!

10+ REASONS why a firm
should pay
Millions of Dollars 

1. "CATEGORY KILLER" DOMAIN NAME - In our new "online ecommerce world," a name like is known as a "Category Killer". They rarely come on the market. This name has NEVER been on the market for sale...until now.

2. DOMAIN NAMES ARE AN ASSET - Owning a domain name is an asset...and can be "written off" like any other asset and an asset that clearly produces income for your business!

3. BENEFITS TO EVERY ASPECT OF A BUSINESS - This asset affects SALES, MARKETING, ADVERTISING, PR, CUSTOMER SERVICE...every aspect of a business benefits from owning such an asset. 

4. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE - Firms spend a small fortune promoting their website names. "" will give the new owner a tremendous "competitive advantage" over the competition in this ecommerce world we live in! 

5. FREE INTERNET WEBSITE TRAFFIC - A firm gets "FREE" TRAFFIC to their website AND...the need to "buy" traffic from Google is seriously diminished!

6. MINDSHARE - Internet Domain Names represent "mindshare"24% of those online "type in" what they are looking for and in the "Multi-Billion Dollar Market" for Mutual Funds, this is a pretty big number!

7. BRANDING!  What better online name could a financial services firm own in the Mutual Funds or Mutual Funds Information industry?

8. $1 MILLION + Domain Name Sales:

Top 25 Domain Name Sales:

This is a list of the highest prices paid for domain names.

1. $35 million

2. $16 million 

3. for $14 million

4. - $10 million

5. - $9.5 million[2]

6. by Facebook for $8.5 million

7. for $7.5 million

8. - $7.5 million

9. - $7 million

10. - $5.88 million

11. - $5.5 million

12. - $5.5 million

13. Toys 'R' Us by auction for $5.1 million

14. - $5.1 million

15. by Apple - $4.5 million

16. by CardLab for $4 million

17. by for $3.8 million 

18. - $3.3 million

19. - $3.0 million

20. by Bank of America for $3.0 million

21. by Fusion Media Limited for $2.45 Million

22. - $1.9 Million

23. - $1 Million

24. - $1 Million

25. - $1 Million

Important Note: More people search Google for "mutual funds" each month than any of the keywords and phrases listed above.

SALES IN JUST THE LAST 90 DAYS... - $4,700,000 - $2,100,000 - $1,350,000

Source: &

9. FREE TRAFFIC FROM "BACKLINKS" - This name has never been SEO'ed or Search Engine Optimized...and can easily generate new & free "traffic" once it is put into use. Backlinks bring "FREE" Traffic to your site.  In terms of Search Engine Optimization, backlinks refer to hyper-links pointing to a particular Web page. Backlinks are important to SEO, because Google considers the quality and quantity of backlinks to determine Pagerank.

10. INVESTMENT - In simple terms, this short URL/Domain Name is THE VERY BEST DOMAIN NAME IN THE WORLD...for any firm in the MUTUAL FUNDS business -- or for a Financial Information Services business covering Mutual Funds. 

11. .COM IS THE "GOLD STANDARD" - With 100's of new Domain Name extensions coming out, understanding that a one or two word .com domain name will continue to be the "gold standard" in the domain name industry.

12. NEW TLD BENEFITS - Did you know that .MutualFunds (DOT MUTUAL FUNDS) is a NEW domain name extension? Of the 100's of new "Top Level Domain" extensions to go with .com, .net, .org is the new TLD of (.MutualFunds) was purchased by Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC. Once that domain launches, TENS if not HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of users will still type in at the end of their search....and all of that traffic will go to and not the various .MutualFunds TLD names.

12. PAGE 1 on GOOGLE - When a domain name is not "in use", it is not "spidered" by Google or other search engines. Hence, is not getting "ranked" on Google. Once a firm puts the domain into use, each time someone types in "" into Google, it will be on the top of Page 1. 

13. WORLD RECORD - is owned by NYT Bestselling Author, Marc Ostrofsky who wrote Get Rich Click! and Word of Mouse. Ostrofsky is credited with starting the market for buying and selling Internet Domain Names when he sold the URL -- for a Guinness Book of World Record $7.5 Million. 

The MEDIA can reach him at:

14. FIRST TIME AUCTION - The name will be AUCTIONED by Heritage Auction House ( the #3 LARGEST Auction house after Southbey's & Christies on NOVEMBER 21, 2013. THIS IS THEIR FIRST AUCTION FOR "DOMAIN NAMES AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY" ever!


Here is a link from announcing the domain name auction and being the highlighted asset up for sale!

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