October 09, 2013 09:00 ET

Dome9 Launches First Security Visualization Tool for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Clarity by Dome9 Offers a Detailed Picture of Amazon EC2 and Amazon VPC Security Configurations to Enhance Security Management and Streamline Compliance

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 9, 2013) - Dome9 (, the leader in innovative and trusted cloud security management solutions has released Dome9 Clarity, a security visualization tool that allows Amazon Web Services (AWS) users to visualize their security setup and to easily discover misconfigurations, resolve potential security issues, and streamline compliance processes.

Dome9 is a trusted cloud security management tool with hundreds of customers securing demanding environments across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Rackspace, SoftLayer/IBM, HP Cloud and more. Securing business critical applications and sensitive data is a major responsibility for any cloud user. Dome9 helps empower AWS cloud users to execute the optimal security decision in order to meet their business's goals. And now, with the introduction of Dome9 Clarity, it further provides DevOps, IT and security teams with a detailed visual picture of their allowed traffic paths within Amazon EC2 and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) security group configurations, and dramatically eases executing changes when needed. Dome9 Clarity is currently available as a free feature as part of Dome9's software as a service (SaaS) offering for AWS users.

"You can think of Dome9 Clarity as Street View for AWS cloud security," says Zohar Alon, CEO and Co-Founder of Dome9. "By adopting battle proven security management methodologies to the AWS cloud, we were able to dramatically increase our users' level of confidence in their security configurations and setup."

Clarity enables AWS users to:

  • Gain confidence in your AWS security architecture. Ensuring security across the business is a demanding task for any cloud user. Clarity by Dome9 offers an easily referenced picture of AWS cloud security that can viewed 24/7 for confident reviewing, planning, and executing changes.
  • Visualize your AWS security configuration. Managing and controlling security policies over a dynamic cloud environment can be complex. Clarity by Dome9 provides complete security transparency within multi-tier applications including a top-down view, thereby enhancing the building and maintaining of AWS security groups to fit your business oriented application tiers.
  • Uncover and resolve security misconfigurations. Manual detection of security group misconfigurations can be time intensive and difficult. Clarity by Dome9 helps DevOps easily resolve potential security misconfigurations by highlighting authorized data flows, from IP address to security object, providing a big picture on security group connectivity, and an instant drill down to security content and dependencies.
  • Enhance and streamline compliance and auditing: Auditing the security of an AWS cloud setup can be time consuming and difficult, especially with large interconnected setups. Dome9 Clarity streamlines this process by enabling immediate transparency and control over security group resources and data flows. With Dome9 Clarity, an expected audit effort of several hours can be reduced to minutes.

What Dome9 customers are saying:

"Using the Dome9 Clarity feature, we can instantly visualize access control lists in a way that immediately highlights potential policy misconfigurations and compliance issues. With Clarity we can perform on-demand security audits to quickly determine if our cloud infrastructure is properly segmented." - Manny Landron, Senior Manager, Security and Compliance, Citrix ShareFile

"At we use the full advantage of the AWS cloud to offer a secure shopping experience. Dome9 allows us to manage our cloud security and access policy to better meet our PCI requirements. With Clarity we can also get visual confirmation our infrastructure is protected." - Ori Kerret, Director of IT, ICE.COM

About Dome9. Dome9 is an innovator and leader in cloud security management. DevOps, Security Ops and Cloud Professionals use Dome9 every day to ensure their cloud architecture is secure and compliant, easily spot potential security vulnerabilities, and execute security decisions confidently. Founded in 2010, Dome9 manages more than 500 cloud customers and partnerships with leading cloud providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Rackspace, and HP Cloud. Get started today at