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November 21, 2016 08:00 ET

Dominovas Energy Secures Gas Supply for South Africa

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - Nov 21, 2016) - Dominovas Energy Corporation (OTCQB: DNRG) announces today it has come to terms and agreement and has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Egoli Gas (Pty) Ltd of South Africa ( to ensure the delivery of a steady and reliable supply of natural gas for the operation of its RUBICON™ Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) System. This supply and delivery of natural gas will service not only the RUBICONdemonstration unit at the University of Johannesburg, but additionally the anticipated units throughout Johannesburg, South Africa.

Having come to the realization of the logistical and supply obstacles with the previously planned use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), the Company has worked relentlessly over the last few months to secure a sustainable, economical, and available fuel source that fully supports the logistics necessary for seamless and efficient delivery of natural gas. The collaboration with Egoli Gas will provide Dominovas Energy with the gas supply required for the continual operation of the RUBICON in South Africa. Dominovas Energy can now continue the scheduled launch of its next phase of the demonstration project's development for delivery, installation, and operation of RUBICON at the University of Johannesburg.

During the coming months, Egoli Gas will complete the infrastructure necessary to support a dedicated natural gas pipeline, as well as place meters at the designated termination point for the operation of the RUBICON on the campus at the University of Johannesburg. Egoli Gas expects that the installation will be complete and ready for operational use 1 April of 2017. The MOU creates a framework for Egoli Gas and Dominovas Energy to work in collaboration to demonstrate the benefits of effective natural gas use and will also set the stage for the long-term relationship between Dominovas Energy and Egoli Gas. The Companies will work in partnership on additional multi-MW scale projects within the Egoli Gas footprint within Johannesburg proper, with anticipation of an expanded footprint throughout the country.

When asked about the impact of this collaboration, Egoli Gas Managing Director Tyusha Monde enthusiastically noted, "I strongly stress the significance of this collaboration with Dominovas Energy and its meaning to Egoli Gas. Educating the public of Egoli's goal to make natural gas the 'go to' fuel source for South Africans is our primary mission. Our partnership with Dominovas Energy will serve as a beacon for our mission, as we collectively champion and demonstrate the significant positive impact the utilization of natural gas can have on both residential and commercial levels." Monde added, "We have been working with Dominovas Energy to solidify our relationship and to identify the scope of our contribution to the first-ever SOFC systems in South Africa. The opportunity to supply natural gas for the RUBICON and to become a long-term gas supplier for Dominovas Energy's future projects in Johannesburg and throughout South Africa is, indeed, exciting and a step of monumental proportions for us at Egoli Gas."

Michael Watkins, COO and President of Fuel Cell Division, noted, "Identifying and evaluating the proper fuel source for the RUBICON is of paramount importance for the execution of the Company's business model in South Africa. After having identified all integers and eliminating the main barrier for the commercial deployment of the RUBICON, I am quite excited to have secured an extraordinary and well respected Company who will be a cornerstone infrastructure partner that sets the stage for the installation of the RUBICON in South Africa. This MOU speaks volumes to the amount of work and effort the Company has put forth to materialize this collaboration. The Company, in no uncertain terms, is now firmly positioned for the delivery, installation and commissioning of the RUBICON within the South African market and I cannot be more excited."

About Dominovas Energy Corporation (OTCQB: DNRG)

Founded in 2005, Dominovas Energy Corporation (DEC) is a publicly traded company, based in Nevada. With its operating headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Dominovas Energy Corporation is a leading power solutions provider to emerging markets around the world. DEC seeks to deploy its proprietary RUBICON™ Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) technology and proprietary ORCAS™ hydro systems for deployment in multi-megawatt power generation units worldwide. The worldwide pursuit of clean and efficient production of electricity via Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technology and hydro technology inspired its founders to create an "energy solutions" company. Recognizing that Emerging markets offer immense potential for growth, Dominovas Energy is aggressively moving to allocate its intellectual and financial capital forthwith, in order to strategically address energy solutions that are reliable, efficient, and sustainable baseload solutions. By deploying these solutions throughout the world, Dominovas Energy is committed to creating shareholder value by not only generating guaranteed revenue streams, but also by increasing the value of "human and community capital." Devoted to core values by operating under the utmost of honesty and integrity in all its business transactions, Dominovas Energy is additionally dedicated to respecting the rights of all individuals, while acknowledging and respecting all cultures necessary to support the growth and development of the communities and countries in which it operates. The Company strongly believes that the impact advanced technologies will make on the world is undeniable and the Company is resolute in its mission to provide electricity where and when economically viable.

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About Egoli Gas (Pty) Ltd.

Egoli Gas (Pty) Ltd is a natural gas reticulator based in Johannesburg who services more than 7500 domestic, central water heating, commercial and industrial businesses in the Johannesburg area. Egoli Gas offers environmentally-friendly, safe, reliable and energy-efficient natural gas to its residential and commercial customers. Its commitment to energy efficient, low carbon lifestyle ensures an uninterrupted flow of natural gas ready to use when it's needed, safely. Egoli Gas acquires natural gas from Sasol, which is stored at a secure facility in Langlaagte where it is carefully monitored and controlled. The gas is reticulated to Egoli Gas' Cottesloe premises where it's stored in low pressure holders before being reticulated to homes and businesses across the city. For domestic use, Egoli Gas is located in many of the more established Johannesburg suburbs; however, the pipeline extends even further for its commercial and industrial customers.

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