June 24, 2012 01:24 ET

Donald Ray Bernard: Creating Jobs and Changing the Economic Landscape From Diamonds in the Rough

NAABO.ORG Is Recognizing Donald Ray Bernard for Creating Jobs and Expanding the Landscape for New Opportunities for Potential Workers

GREAT FALLS, MT--(Marketwire - Jun 24, 2012) - In a difficult economic time and an election year, NAABO.ORG is glad to recognize and award an individual such as Donald Ray Bernard who is out creating jobs and opportunities by finding diamonds in the rough from Montana to Texas and all the way down to Latin America.

NAABO.ORG is proud to give Don an award for his excellent and outstanding achievements in helping the economy to prosper and grow.

Recently portrayed in the Donald R. Bernard press release for his excellent entrepreneurship in the Big Sky State creating jobs while lecturing and educating students on multiple facets of law and business, he has now created hundreds of jobs in Latin America.

Donald Ray Bernard has recently been featured in MSNBC, Bloomberg Businessweek, and numerous other publications for his excellent strides in creating new jobs, opportunities, businesses, and more from Montana to Texas all the way down to emerging markets in Latin America, such as Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Recently Donald Ray Bernard has stepped aside from educating the youths at the local Montana State University in fields such as political science and business operations as he works to create a new business around trout. Living in one of the largest trout fishing states in the Continental United States, Don knows the importance of agriculture at sea. In central and South America his latest operation is harvesting large farmland of Rainbow trout with plans to expand largely into the EU as well as North America in the near future to enable Americans to receive the best tasting fish in the world which typically comes from other parts of the Appalachians currently.

While at the same time the great entrepreneur sees the opportunity from trout he also is engaging in other fields of opportunity in Latin America with Golden Stag Safaris down in Argentina via La Pampa via a ranch for big game hunters, something that is largely a favorite for American citizens in both Texas and Montana.

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