December 13, 2011 19:00 ET

Don't Get Caught Out by Adverse Winter Weather Warns Swinton

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Dec. 13, 2011) - Snow has already settled on parts of the UK, with more expected over the coming weeks. To help prepare for these wintry conditions, Swinton the UK's leading high street cheap home insurance broker is offering advice to homeowners before the bad weather sets in.

Generally, those living in the countryside rely heavily on vehicles to get from A to B compared to those living in city centres. That's why it's so important to do everything possible to prevent a 'snowed-in' situation from happening.

Sprinkling rock salt on driveways, pavements and communal walkways is a simple yet effective method to stop snow from sticking. Precautionary measures such as gritting walkways can also help to prevent accidents from happening such as slipping on icy surfaces.

Winter weather doesn't just bring snow, it can also bring strong winds which can have detrimental effects to homes such as falling trees which have been known to knock down walls or fences and in worst case scenarios rip tiles off roofs. Home owners should ensure they have the correct home insurance policy to protect themselves against any costs they may incur from damages to their home caused by adverse weather conditions.

Swinton has some top tips for home owners this winter:

  • Grit your driveway - this will help prevent snow and ice from sticking and means there is less chance of your car being 'snowed -in' on your drive

  • Share the cost of rock salt with neighbours and grit pavements surrounding both yours and your neighbours home - a bit of neighbourhood spirit can go along way when the bad weather sets in

  • As the snow starts to fall, use a yard brush and shovel to clear snow, but be careful not to damage patios or decking with the shovel

  • If snow starts to stick to your shovel making it heavy and difficult to use, spray cooking oil on it - this will lighten the load of the shovel

  • Icicles can form on gutters during extreme cold snaps and can be dangerous if they fall on those standing in close proximity

  • Most importantly, ensure you have the correct home insurance policy and it is still valid

Steve Chelton, Claims Manager at Swinton said: "The UK wasn't prepared for the harsh weather conditions that came last winter and many home owners ended up having to pay out large sums of money for frozen pipes, broken windows and damaged roofs. Having the correct house insurance policy can save home owners thousands of pounds and is something that Swinton would urge all owners to check before the real bad weather sets in."

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