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November 22, 2012 11:20 ET

Don't Get Caught Out by Wet Roads, Warns Swinton Insurance

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 22, 2012) - As the dark nights draw in and winter weather hits the UK, Swinton, one of the UK's leading high street car insurance brokers, is offering safety tips for motorists when driving in heavy rain.

After the country was hit by the second wettest summer on record, Swinton is advising drivers to be aware that more rain could well be on the way, with darker evenings and reduced visibility proving an added hazard for motorists.

Figures show that slippery roads due to wet weather contributed to 13,420 road casualties in 2011, and were also related to 79 road deaths. Travelling too fast was also cited as a factor in 13,425 accidents in the same year.

With this in mind, Swinton is offering the following wet weather driving tips to ensure motorists stay safe this winter:

  • Be prepared. Before setting off on any journey, check weather reports so that you are prepared for the road conditions. If weather is particularly severe, do not make the journey unless absolutely necessary.

  • Routine checks. Carry out safety checks such as measuring tyre pressure, oil levels and testing the brakes before setting off.

  • Know the drill. There is a high risk of aquaplaning - loss of traction between the tyre and the road - during wet weather, so learn how to control the car in these conditions. Hold the steering wheel, take your foot off the accelerator and do not use your brakes. This should help you safely regain control of the car.

  • Match the conditions. Try not to use your brake unnecessarily when driving in heavy rain / on flooded road surfaces. Remember, your stopping distance when driving in wet weather should be four-times that of driving in normal conditions.

You should also lightly tap your brakes to dry them off once you are out of water, checking the distance of the car behind you before doing so.

  • Cover yourself. Buying motor insurance will also provide added protection should you have a motoring mishap.

Steve Chelton, Claims Manager at Swinton, said: "After what was a very wet summer for the UK, motorists should be prepared for the possibility of more severe weather and take the necessary precautions to ensure that they stay safe on the road.

"Employing better observation on the road and matching your driving to the conditions can make all the difference between a safe journey and an unsafe one."

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