CAA North & East Ontario (CAANEO)

CAA North & East Ontario (CAANEO)

April 27, 2011 09:44 ET

Don't Get Stuck in a Rut: CAA North & East Ontario Offers Tips to Avoid Damage Caused By Potholes

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 27, 2011) - With the last of the winter snow having finally melted away, Canadians everywhere are heading outside to enjoy the warmer temperatures that bring a season of sunshine, patios and, of course, potholes. To help avoid costly damage that potholes can cause to vehicles, CAA North & East Ontario (CAANEO) offers some tips for motorists to keep in mind this spring:

  • Check your tire pressure regularly. Keeping a consistent tire pressure can go a long way towards minimizing pothole damage to your wheels and tires. Remember that pressure readings are most accurate before the car is driven. Driving causes the tires to heat up, increasing the pressure and changing the reading.
  • Don't swerve to avoid a pothole. Swerving can result in the front wheel of your vehicle hitting the pothole at an angle, causing more damage than if it is hit head on.
  • Avoid sudden braking when you are approaching a pothole. Braking transfers the car's weight onto the front tires, thereby increasing the possibility of damage.
  • If your tire does lose air after an unfortunate pothole encounter, when it is safe to do so pull over to the side of the road in order to minimize the chance of wheel damage. Make sure to keep a well maintained spare tire in your vehicle at all times, and have your CAA membership card handy should you require any roadside assistance.

Our harsh winter climate ensures that potholes are a regular part of spring in our region. However, with these helpful tips from CAANEO you can prepare yourself – and your vehicle - for the inevitable each spring and summer, and mitigate unnecessary hassle and damage.

For more than 100 years, the Canadian Automobile Association has provided travel, emergency road services, insurance, and advocacy for its Members. CAA North & East Ontario continues to be the leading membership organization by recognizing and promoting its heritage and integrity in the community, while maximizing Members' value.

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