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June 24, 2013 10:00 ET

Don't Hire the Best: New Book From Hogan Press Reveals How to Hire Successful Leaders

Author Abhijit Bhaduri Explains How to Select the Right Candidate Instead of the Best Candidate

TULSA, OK--(Marketwired - Jun 24, 2013) - It is often said that the top 20 percent of leaders account for 80 percent of the impact on an organization. Those leaders influence both business results and the quality of employees the firm can attract and retain, and, above all, they affect the culture of the organization. As such, the ability to hire leaders who will succeed is critical.

In Don't Hire the Best: An Essential Guide to Building the Right Team, the latest book from the Hogan Press, a division of Hogan Assessment Systems, author Abhijit Bhaduri explains how the best candidate isn't always the right candidate for the organization. As most hiring managers face the dilemma of having to choose between people who may be equally qualified for a leadership role, Bhaduri contends that personality fit and competencies should take priority over education and experience when selecting candidates. By hiring individuals who are motivated and fit in with the organization's culture, rather than those with the most impressive resumes, the organization can ensure it brings in the right people.

"Abhijit Bhaduri's new book is a clearly written and well-informed discussion of the most important problem in business -- how to find talented leaders," said Robert Hogan, President of Hogan Assessments. "For those who believe in data-based solutions to crucial organizational problems, this book is for you."

Released on June 1, 2013, Don't Hire the Best has already received strong positive reviews from business leaders.

"Anyone building a business should read this book," said George Anders, Pulitzer Prize winner and author of The Rare Find. "Abhijit Bhaduri explains clearly and sympathetically why so many smart executives end up making foolish hiring decisions. His insights about sizing up candidates are both valuable and inspiring."

"[The book is] an insightful read about the importance of assessing the 'whole' person while hiring people in leadership roles," said David Tessmann-Keys, SVP, International Operations, Development Dimensions International Inc. "If you are someone who makes hiring decisions, read this book before you hire the next person."

"This is a must read for every person that wants to relook at the way hiring is done," said V.R. Ferose, Managing Director, SAP Labs India. "The book not only provides interesting insights into the most obvious mistakes we make while hiring, but also suggests some innovative solutions and insights to overcome them."

Don't Hire the Best is available for purchase from Amazon and from the Hogan Bookstore:

About the Author

Abhijit Bhaduri is chief learning officer for Wipro Limited, a leading information technology company headquartered in Bangalore, India that operates in over 50 countries with a workforce of more than 140,000 employees. He is a former human resources executive at Microsoft, PepsiCo, Colgate and Tata Steel, and has worked in India, Southeast Asia and the United States.

Abhijit is on the advisory board of the chief learning officer program at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a research advisor for the Society of Human Resource Management in India. A popular blogger and columnist, Abhijit is the author of two bestselling works of fiction.

Abhijit earned a bachelor's degree in economics and a bachelor's degree in law from the University of Delhi, India. He holds a post-graduate degree in human resources from Xavier Labor Relations Institute, India.

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