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The Right Mountain

March 02, 2009 09:55 ET

"Don't Let Circumstances Rule Your Life"-Recession Career Counselling Seminar from The Right Mountain in Toronto

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 2, 2009) - At an upcoming weekend seminar, career counselling service The Right Mountain will have the response to hard times: don't let circumstances rule your life.

As Toronto slips deeper into recession, jobs are being lost, and as a result a lot of people are living in fear of losing their jobs. However, the career counsellors at The Right Mountain maintain that difficult times can actually present unique career opportunities.

"Regardless of whether the economy is booming or struggling, you still need to make the most of your situation," says Michael Reddy, partner at The Right Mountain. "In fact, a forced change can be just what you need to create a better life, because it enables you to look within. Only then can you really find out how to lead a happy life."

The Right Mountain offers more than mere career advice. The respected Toronto consultancy has over fifteen years of experience in changing lives through powerful inward-looking counseling. Normally a long and intense process, a special condensed weekend seminar is being organized in Toronto to meet demand. The seminar, like all programs offered by The Right Mountain, employs sophisticated career counselling tools tailor-made for the individual in favour of a one-size-fits-all "cookie cutter" approach.

"Our weekend seminars are a great way to get all the benefits from our program in a short period of time," Reddy says. In times like these, it's good to know there's a cure for uncertainty and powerlessness.

The seminar will take place on March 28th, 29th and April 1. There is a free information evening about the event at the MaRS Discovery District on March 5th. For more information, visit:

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For 15 years, The Right Mountain's career counseling team has given career advice to hundreds of people in Toronto, helping them change careers to ones that inspire them. The company was founded by Jim Hayhurst Sr., speaker and author of The Right Mountain and Where Have I Gone Right?

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