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November 17, 2011 12:03 ET

Don't Let Solar Cuts Cast a Cloud Over the Financial Benefits You Can Still Achieve by Investing in Solar PV, Says Solar Guide

LEICESTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 17, 2011) - There's no denying that Government plans to cut the feed-in tariff (FiT) scheme for solar PV systems – slashing subsidies by more than half from 43.3p per kilowatt hour to just 21p – is going to have a considerable effect on what has been a booming market in the UK. But leading online resource Solar Guide is urging consumers not to lose faith in the renewable energy technology, despite the Government's heavy handed approach to FiTs.

The FiT scheme was introduced in April 2010 as a means of encouraging and supporting the uptake of solar energy. But solar has become a victim of its own success. Since the launch of the scheme around 100,000 solar PV systems have been installed and more than 22,000 jobs have been created.

The success of solar, combined with falling installation costs, made cuts to solar subsidies inevitable. However in spite of the size of the reductions, solar PV still remains viable for homeowners who want to reduce their energy bills and get paid for generating their own electricity in the process.

The benefits of investing in a solar PV system include:

  • By generating your own electricity you can achieve a reduction in your energy bills.
  • A solar PV system is good for the environment because it does not generate harmful greenhouse gases.
  • The technology requires very little maintenance.
  • Through the feed-in tariff you'll be able to make money in two ways. Not only will you get paid up to 21p/kWh, depending on the type and size of your system, you'll also get paid an extra 3.1p/kWh for any surplus energy you export back to the national grid.

With the prices of gas and electricity at an all-time high, more and more people are turning to solar energy. While we're constantly being told that the cost of wholesale energy keeps rising, the costs associated with solar technology have come down considerably. For example, EvoEnergy – who have been crowned Installer of the Year 2011 by the Renewable Energy Association - are offering customers a 3.9kW solar PV system for £10,500, while Solaressence say they can install a 4kW system for £9,999.

David Holmes, founder of Solar Guide says: "While the news surrounding the Government's proposals to slash solar PV subsidies is disappointing, it's not unexpected. That said, it would have been far less dramatic for the industry if the Government had taken a more gradual approach, phasing in the cuts instead.

"However, at Solar Guide we remain optimistic that once the initial uproar dies down, people will still see the benefits of solar energy, and not least that there is still money to be made from solar PV."

Solar Guide's solar PV calculator estimates that an investment in a 2.59kW system costing just over £9,000 will see customers achieve an annual income of £582 during the first year. Taking just under 12 years to pay back, the total profit achievable over the tariff's 25-year lifetime is £17,206.

As one of the UK's leading online resources for solar PV and solar thermal news, views and reviews, over the course of the last eighteen months, green energy consumers have turned to Solar Guide to help them source quotes from recommended solar installers.

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