July 30, 2012 12:06 ET

Don't Let the Cold Weather Win

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - July 30, 2012) - We know, we know it's summer. But has it even been hot? No, not really. Have you had the central heating on through much of June and July? Do your heating bills strike you with fear when you think just how much it's costing you? And it's not even winter yet.

But it's time to not let the cold weather win. If you're already planning for autumn, don't simply rely on your central heating in the face of rising gas bills, it's time to get savvy with electric heaters and make sure you come out on top in the battle for heat.

Enjoying your conservatory throughout the year

A conservatory can quickly become a dreary place when the temperature drops outside, making it feel a little unwelcoming. But you've invested the money in having it built and adding a little value to your home. You need to make use of it throughout the year. Opting for a free-standing or wall-mounted convector panel heater is the perfect option to make it a welcoming room whatever the weather outside. They're cheap to install. And did we mention extremely cheap to run? They're energy efficient, so no high bills to beat the cold in your conservatory.

Staying out in the garden

Who said BBQs were just for summer? After the summer we're having now they're probably not for the UK at all. But with outdoors electric patio heaters you can beat the winter blues and spend a crisp Sunday afternoon burning some burgers to a crisp - or however you want them.

Jumping out the shower and staying warm

There's nothing worse than stepping out of the shower and seeing the steam in the air. No we're not talking about the steam from the hot water we're talking about from your breath. Bathrooms can be notoriously difficult places to heat and keep warm. But don't pump up your central heating, hope the best and pay the price the next time your bill drops. Choosing an electric heater from a bathroom heater range will keep it warm and dry. And yes you're right, it's energy efficient which can only mean one thing - it's cost effective too. So, why not stick an electric towel rail in there too, just for good measure. Just think of the warmth.

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