June 22, 2012 08:00 ET Introduces "Follow" and Adds User Profiles to Bring Social Drawing to Next Level

New Features Foster Greater Engagement in Social Drawing Community With Ability to Follow Fellow Doodlers' Latest and "Liked" Work

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Jun 22, 2012) - (, the social sketchpad for creative self-expression, announced today the launch of Follow and User Profiles to its social features. Follow allows users to subscribe to the artists they are interested in to view their work as it appears in a "Following" gallery. User Profiles provide a snapshot of how many doodles, "followees" and "followers" one has in addition to what their "latest" and "liked" doodles are.

With these platform advancements, users are able to create smaller communities within the social drawing network based on their personal tastes and interests. The updates make it possible to curate the content viewed with a gallery of the latest work from "followed" doodlers for enjoyment and inspiration. users can connect on shared passions across themes from sports, music, entertainment and popular culture as well as the ad hoc, evergreen creativity that remains the leading format for doodles.

"Entertainment, music and sports brands have found value in as a new, unique way to engage with fans. As we've seen with the NHL Phoenix Coyotes and hit TLC Show CAKE BOSS, people really bond over each other's work and enjoy connecting over their mutual interests," said co-founder Evan Vogel.

"The rise of social drawing is another indicator that people want to express themselves creatively and be able to share it instantly. Whether it's a talented artist garnering attention or proud parents showcasing their child's latest drawing, Follow and User Profiles create a form of social currency and represent an important step toward achieving our goal of becoming the leading free social visual platform for people around the world," said co-founder Darren Paul. enables people to create hand drawn art, sketches, notes, and doodles from a computer or iPad and to share their work instantly within the community and through social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The app is free of charge and offers many different styles of digital drawing instruments including pens, highlighters and pencils to inspire and unleash people's creativity. The updated app is available for download at the iTunes store.

ABOUT DOODLE.LY is a New York based startup backed by Park Street Ventures.'s advisory board includes Rick Webb, entrepreneur; Sunni Brown, author and speaker; Jackie Andrade, Professor of Psychology at Plymouth University; Doug Jaeger, Professor at the School of Visual Arts; and Chris Cunningham, CEO of AppsSavvy. is also on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+ and Pinterest. Download for the iPad here. For more information on, please email