July 11, 2007 10:30 ET Gains Global Recognition as the Premier Website for Up and Coming Rappers, Singers and Producers to Showcase Their Raw Talents

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - July 11, 2007) - Mega-artists Emenim, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg and Jennifer Hudson were among the various artists recognized by their peers long before record labels had any knowledge of their talents or the potential impact each would have in today's music., a web-based platform for creating original music collaborations has developed an online tool which provides the same road maps traveled by some of music's brightest stars. Producers upload their original beats while rappers and singers browse the growing library of instrumentals and record their own lyrics. "We want people to come to our site and express themselves however they want," said Kevin Cohen, founder. "Hip-Hop seems like a natural fit but we encourage all styles and genres."

Musical collaborations on the site are currently limited to 60 seconds and recorded at streaming quality. Cohen believes that musically influenced users are attracted to the site in order to hear the latest instant creations despite their lo-fi quality. "We're not creating broadcast quality recordings as of yet. We're enabling users to connect with other artists of similar tastes and express their raw talent. We're seeing a lot of interaction between producers and emcees. Hopefully, this can lead to future collaborations between Dopetracks users in the studio."

By using the internet to bridge global communication gaps, has become a place for aspiring artists and producers to congregate, share styles and speak about the things from their own backyards. Since launching a little more than three months ago, over 13,000 emcees, producers and music fans have registered for the site and the industry is taking notice. "We didn't intend for our site to be a place where A&R reps and various record executives would browse looking for the real, uncut, raw talent. However, it doesn't bother us a bit that they are," said Cohen.

Members have the ability to vote for their favorite tracks, leave comments and customize their profiles. In addition, the heart of the site, the Dopetracks recorder, has some innovative features such as a notepad that saves lyrical ideas whenever inspiration strikes and a browser that allows for quick and easy access to the hottest beats. is a growing website that's still in its infancy and the founders are planning to unveil new features soon.

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