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November 16, 2011 09:00 ET

DotCloud Redefines Cloud Database Space With Complete Native Integration of Top Three Databases MySQL, Redis and MongoDB for Free

In a Single Platform Developers Gain Replication Support, Unified Scaling and High Availability Through Master/Slave and Replica Set

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 16, 2011) - DotCloud, the platform as a service that allows developers and IT to build on any stack within one platform, announced today the availability of the top three databases MySQL, MongoDB and Redis in the cloud. Now, with just a single command, developers gain replication support, unified scaling and high availability without having to install, manage or administrate any software. As a Platform as a Service (PaaS), DotCloud also enables existing support for a variety of languages and frameworks, including PHP, Rails, Python and Java, to build and run complete applications that use a variety of stacks, all within a single platform.

"When we were building our next big product, we didn't want to be tied down to one particular technology stack, or have our platform choice dictated by the narrow offering most PaaS providers have -- but neither did we particularly want the hassle of needing to configure, deploy, administer and tweak every element of an evolving stack," said Isaac Wolkerstorfer, CTO, 6Wunderkinder. "DotCloud made it easy for us to focus on building the product itself, and gave us both the freedom to evolve our technology choices and the freedom from worrying about the nitty-gritty of getting it all working."

Instead of running, managing and scaling databases manually, developers using DotCloud benefit from automatic scalability and high availability, including MySQL Master/Slave, Redis Master/Slave, and MongoDB Replica Set. Specific features include:

  • MySQL: MySQL is the popular open source database commonly used in web and other applications. DotCloud supports running both simple single instances of MySQL, and also automatically supports MySQL Master/Slave replication. In addition, MySQL replication can be automatically deployed across data centers, providing additional reliability.
  • MongoDB: MongoDB is a leading NoSQL, document-oriented database, and is an increasingly common part of Internet applications, ranging from The New York Times to Foursquare. In addition to single instance MongoDB, DotCloud now automatically supports Mongo Replica Sets and cross-data center deployment, allowing developers to use the advanced scalability and redundancy features of Mongo without having to become expert Mongo administrators.
  • Redis: Redis is a lightweight in-memory key-value store, which has earned a reputation as the "swiss army knife" of web development. Its simplicity, versatility and speed make it an ideal drop-in enhancement for many application stacks. With Redis and DotCloud, developers can seamlessly extend their architecture, and like MySQL and Mongo, automatically scale it across servers and datacenters for scalability and reliability.

All of DotCloud's features, including the new database offering, are available now at DotCloud has free plans for developers, with deployment options starting at $99/month.

"It's time to redefine the stack and give developers new building blocks for designing the applications of the future," said Solomon Hykes, CEO of DotCloud. "We all need to start architecting for the cloud natively, and the first step is to integrate the database and the application layer into a unified runtime. With DotCloud PaaS, we remove the fear of critical failure for your entire stack and elevate the focus on performance, availability and innovation."

About DotCloud:

DotCloud is a new kind of PaaS that lets developers build, deploy and scale applications in the cloud using virtually any combination of language and database stacks without the need for additional hardware or software. DotCloud offers a single point of management, enabling developers and IT organizations to seamlessly leverage innovations in developer tools and technologies. Based in San Francisco and funded by Benchmark Capital and Trinity Ventures, DotCloud was founded by Solomon Hykes and Sebastien Pahl in 2010. For more information on DotCloud, visit

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