January 16, 2013 08:00 ET

dotloop Shares Its Vision to Make the Home-Buying Experience as Enjoyable as Buying a Latte

Company Empowers Agents and Brokers With More Control, Forms Strategic Partnerships at Every Phase of Real Estate Process

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Jan 16, 2013) - Inman Connect 2013 -- dotloop, the fastest-growing software company in real estate, today announced its vision for creating an open ecosystem of industry-leading partners committed to making the home-buying process as enjoyable as buying a latte. Its new opt-in program, now in private beta, gives agents and brokers more control over the entire real estate transaction, from submitting an offer and finding a home inspector to securing a home warranty and activating utilities, and makes their preferred home services providers easily available to their clients within the dotloop platform. The announcement is also supported by partnerships with LendingTree (the nation's leading online source for competitive home loan offers), ClosingCorp (the leader in real estate information and data services) and Whitefence (the leader in home service provider shopping) -- each representing the core pre-, mid- and post-transaction phases of any deal.

"We're committed to making buying a home as simple as buying a latte. Just as you can find a shaker of cinnamon or pitcher of skim milk at the condiment counter of the coffee shop where you get your daily latte, buyers and sellers should have easy access to the ingredients of the home buying or selling process," said Austin Allison, CEO, dotloop. "This vision is about giving agents and brokers -- many of whom have built their businesses around referrals and service provider relationships -- complete control to provide their clients with a great experience through all phases of the home buying process -- and all through a single platform. This is the first step in what we expect to be an ongoing industry movement to give agents more choice and control in creating an incredibly simple, delightful experience for buyers and sellers everywhere."

The company's partnerships with LendingTree, ClosingCorp and Whitefence allow agents to choose from a qualified menu of services to offer their clients throughout the transaction process, also enabling them to add their own service provider relationships to the experience. dotloop has been testing a version of its solution in private beta for several months, working with agents to refine product features and encouraging them to upload their favorite service providers. To date, hundreds of service providers have been uploaded and made available to clients, and feedback from both agents and clients has been extremely positive. dotloop intends to expand on this success to create a full ecosystem of best-of-breed services to support the ultimate goal of giving agents control in delivering delightful home buying experiences at every phase of the process.

"In an industry known for large, closed systems that are difficult to use and integrate, dotloop's announcement underscores a fundamental shift in real estate toward a more open approach to software solutions that truly benefit buyers and sellers," said Tim Armbruster, CTO, ClosingCorp. "The company is addressing the challenges of creating a seamless, digital experience to buy and sell real estate -- while also empowering agents and brokers to bring their service provider relationships into the transaction process. It's a win-win."

"I've created a Rolodex of relationships and credible service providers that I do business with and refer business to on a regular basis -- all because I know that my clients will receive an amazing experience through those vendors," said Amy Youngren, sales representative, EXIT Realty. "dotloop's new ecosystem will empower me to improve the buying and selling experience even one step further -- allowing my clients to do everything from sharing and storing the final contract to turning on the heat -- all in one place. Not only will this help me maintain the relationships I've forged over the years, but also fundamentally change the experience I'm able to create for my clients and become a trusted advisor throughout the entire process."

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dotloop CEO to Speak at Leading Real Estate Conference

dotloop CEO Austin Allison will speak on the opening panel at Inman Connect New York today at 2:40pm ET. Led by Inman News founder and publisher, Brad Inman, the panel, "What Does the Industry Need to do to Make the Latte Vision Happen," will discuss how to make the real estate process as simple as ordering a latte or buying a book online.

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