SOURCE: DoublePositive Marketing Group, Inc

November 30, 2006 17:43 ET

DoublePositive Introduces New SecondPass™ Program for Lead-Buying Sales Organizations

BALTIMORE, MD -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 30, 2006 -- DoublePositive Marketing Group, Inc. (, the industry leader in LIVE Hot Transfer Leads for sales professionals and sales organizations today launched the new SecondPass™ program offering.

Reports from all industries now confirm that companies that buy leads (or buy on a CPA basis) convert well less than 10% of the purchased leads to sales.

"I think that we genuinely understand the problem," says Sean Fenlon, CEO. "We know that a sales organization's biggest single expense is leads and marketing, and lead costs have been increasing while conversion rates have been falling." Utilizing a SecondPass™ to all NON-converted leads is now the solution.

Here's how SecondPass™ works:

1. A sales organization buys/generates leads and works them as usual

2. Leads that do NOT convert after repeated attempts are delivered to DoublePositive

3. DoublePositive contacts, qualifies (with up to 3 customized qualifying questions), and transfers any remaining genuine sales opportunities from the existing unconverted lead pool back to the sales organization LIVE.

This process will allow sales organizations to "squeeze" more sales out of the leads they're already buying, without having to increase their marketing infrastructure or spend per sale.

"If you believe that your sales force or 'front line of contact' is converting every possible sales opportunity from the leads you are now buying or generating, then this service is NOT for you," adds Joey Liner, EVP Sales for DoublePositive.

The SecondPass™ pricing is 100% performance-based. Sales organizations only pay per LIVE Hot Transfer from the SecondPass™ leads provided. Performance-based pricing starts as low as $19 per transfer. As with all LIVE Hot Transfers delivered by DoublePositive, simultaneous real-time consumer data is delivered via web, email, etc.

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DoublePositive Marketing Group, Inc. sells leads. DoublePositive sells live leads. We call our live leads Hot Transfers and we are currently the industry leader in the live leads and Hot Transfers space. Our performance-based program offerings are extremely attractive to sales professionals and sales organizations, who use their existing phone system and a simple web browser to buy and receive our LIVE Hot Transfers. We specialize in the live transfers of mortgage leads, insurance leads, education leads, automotive leads, real estate leads, and debt leads. DoublePositive is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland's high tech waterfront office complex, Tide Point.

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