Doug Stelling

March 18, 2005 18:53 ET

Douglas Stelling Announces Position on CDN/US Income Tax



MARCH 18, 2005 - 18:53 ET

Douglas Stelling Announces Position on CDN/US Income

BOWEN ISLAND, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(CCNMatthews - March 18, 2005) -
Following is a statement made by Doug Stelling:

Today I am announcing my decision to refuse to pay income tax in the
United States and Canada. I have divested myself of all personal assets,
redirected these assets toward organizations which are working toward
world peace and justice and have advised the mining company, of which I
am CEO and Chairman, to cap my salary at $100 (CAD) per month. I am
undertaking this important action to further our need for a better world
for all our people.

I am a citizen of both the United States and Canada. It is with a
profound sense of compassion and duty for my countries that I have
decided to act as a catalyst in bringing about necessary change. I am
convinced that this change is desperately needed and desired by many of
our people. My governments have been drifting away from their
core-values, which I have so genuinely embraced. I have reached a point
that has become impossible for my conscience to bear and it requires my
decisive action. In too many ways both my governments have not been good
stewards of their entrusted constituents. In fact, tonight, 1 billion
children around the world will go to bed hungry. Approximately 32,000
children around the world will die today of starvation or preventable
disease. These and other ongoing injustices must be put to an end.

We can do better. We can do much better. I do not claim to have all the
answers, but I am sure that my governments' policies are clearly on the
wrong track. So, instead of paying my taxes, I have made this decisive
undertaking of divesting myself of virtually all of my assets and
redirecting them toward organizations which are actively pursuing the
needs of our world and its inhabitants.

I have full knowledge of the consequences not only to myself, but also
to my family. Last April, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and two other
former Nobel Peace Prize laureates urged us in Vancouver to recognize
that bold action is needed in order to get our world back on track. It
was then that I realized I should take personal responsibility and take
the bold action called for - not only for my current existing family,
but for my grand children's grandchildren. This action is being taken in
the same spirit as the great visionaries such as Jesus Christ, Gandhi
and Martin Luther King, Jr. to mention just a few.


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