April 18, 2006 05:17 ET

Dove® Advanced Care -- A New Premium Line for Whatever Women Do to Their Hair

New Hair Care Hotline From Dove Has All the Answers

CHICAGO, IL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 18, 2006 -- No matter what women do to their hair, they are looking for answers on how to treat it right. According to a recent survey (1), two-thirds of women (66 percent) say they would like one-on-one expert advice on their hair. Dove Hair Care has answered that call with a wide array of products -- including a new Dove Advanced Care premium line -- that provide expert care, all supported by the first-ever, toll-free Dove Hair Care Hotline. As debuted on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the toll-free Dove Hair Care Hotline is the ultimate destination for individualized hair care solutions for whatever women do to their hair.

Coinciding with the introduction of the toll-free Dove Hair Care Hotline (800/Dove-Hair), Dove Advanced Care is an entirely new line of 13 premium products, including shampoos, conditioners and specialty treatments, specifically designed to address the many complex hair care issues women face today. The premium line includes products to care for hair that has been lightened or darkened as well as slightly or more severely damaged. Dove is also extending its original Dove Styling line with five new products intended to tackle several hair care concerns.

Color Chameleons

Since two out of three women (66 percent) color their hair and three quarters of women (75 percent) think their hair color says something about their personality, it is no wonder women are going a little lighter or darker than usual. In response, Dove has introduced Dove Advanced Color Care, a new line of shampoos, conditioners and specialty conditioning treatments that provide customized care for the different effects of lightening and darkening hair.

"Dove Advanced Color Care addresses that the effects of lightening and darkening are not the same," says Judy Rahn of Unilever research and development. "During the coloring process, lightened or highlighted hair can be stripped of its color to achieve a lighter shade, while darkened hair can eventually lose its luster and new, color-coated feel. Now, with Dove, women can keep color-treated hair looking shiny and healthy."

For whatever reason women color their hair -- 17 percent to keep up with seasonal trends, 22 percent for a boost of self-confidence and 25 percent to cover gray -- Dove Advanced Color Care focuses on expert care for lightened or darkened hair, not color. Dove Advanced Color Care For Lightened or Highlighted Hair helps revive hair structure leaving hair noticeably soft, smooth and luminous. Since the effects are different for darkened hair, Dove Advanced Color Care For Hair Colored Darker or Similar to its Natural Shade helps preserve the smoothness and softness of hair to preserve that just-colored feeling.

Damage: A Little or a Lot

Most women know coloring is not the only cause of hair damage. However, they may not know that even the little, everyday things they do to their hair -- like exposing it to the sun, blow-drying and brushing -- are damaging factors. Dove Advanced Care for dry, damaged hair can help the three out of four women (78 percent) who know they have some kind of hair damage, whether slight or more severe. This premium line includes products with two levels of care, because Dove understands that not all damaged hair is created equal.

"The recipe for hair care recovery calls for treating damage properly with the right levels of moisture," says Gretchen Monahan, Dove celebrity stylist and salon owner. "Dove recognizes that slightly damaged hair requires different care than hair that is more severely damaged with its new line of Dove Advanced Care shampoos, conditioners and specialty treatments."

For the little every day things women do to their hair such as brushing and blow-drying, Dove Advanced Care Sheer Moisture For Slightly Damaged Hair helps strengthen weakened hair by providing the right levels of conditioning for slight symptoms of damage. For the more extreme things women do to their hair, such as chemical treatments and flat-ironing, Dove Advanced Care Therapy For More Severely Damaged Hair helps repair dryness and brittleness and uses a patented Silicone Technology™ that seeks out the damaged area of hair, where women need it most.

Everyday Answers for Everyday Styling Issues

The last thing women want to do is use styling products that leave hair feeling stiff and sticky. Dove Styling adds five new products to its popular line, including two curl defining products, two anti-frizz creams, and an unscented hairspray to cover all major hair styling needs. Each product contains Weightless Moisturizers® and delivers natural movement and hold for styles that feel as good as they look. Unique Weightless Moisturizers provide a great barrier to help prevent hair damage from heat styling, as well.


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(1) All statistics are a result of the Dove Hair study conducted by Impulse Research Corp. in January 2006. The online survey was completed by 1,601 women in the U.S. between the ages of 18-54. Margin of error is +/-2.45 percent at the 95 percent level of confidence.

(2) AC Nielsen (2004)

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