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June 01, 2006 09:00 ET

Dow ADSORBSIA™ Arsenic Removal Media to Be Used in Aquacell Systems Installed by Cold Water Canyon Water Company

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 1, 2006 -- Aquacell Water, Inc. (OTCBB: AQWT) announced today that its customer, Cold Water Canyon Water Company, is selecting ADSORBSIA™ GTO™ arsenic removal media from The Dow Chemical Company for use in the three arsenic water treatment systems built by Aquacell Water.

The arsenic removal equipment provided by Aquacell Water Inc. for use with Dow's ADSORBSIA™ gives water districts a treatment method without generating hazardous waste or using hazardous chemicals.

"We're thrilled that Aquacell can provide water companies such as Cold Water Canyon with an arsenic treatment solution to bring them into compliance with the new US EPA arsenic standard for drinking water," said James C. Witham, Chairman and CEO of Aquacell Water. "Using Dow's ADSORBSIA media in our systems allows us to offer our customers significant benefits for arsenic removal."

"After consideration of several arsenic removal products, we are extremely satisfied with our selection of ADSORBSIA media from Dow to meet our arsenic removal needs in Black Canyon City," said Roger Wagner, president of Cold Water Canyon Water Company. "It is important that we supply water to our customers that complies with the EPA standard, and we are confident that ADSORBSIA is the most reliable media choice for our water systems while minimizing the cost for meeting the regulation. The ability to combine this media choice with systems from a high-quality company like Aquacell made this an easy choice."

"As more municipalities and drinking water systems work towards meeting the EPA arsenic standard, particularly in regions like the southwest United States where arsenic levels are naturally elevated, ADSORBSIA titanium-based media offers a trustworthy, and affordable option for small to mid-sized systems such as these," said Alan Greenberg, senior marketing development manager, Dow Liquid Separations New Business Development. "We are very excited that Cold Water Canyon Company has selected ADSORBSIA media and Aquacell Water Inc. for this project."

ADSORBSIA arsenic removal media is distributed in southwest U.S. through Aquacell Water Inc., a manufacturer of turn-key water treatment systems, and Dow-authorized distributor for ADSORBSIA™ GTO™ media since April 2006.

As criteria for selection of an appropriate adsorption media option, Cold Water Canyon Company compared the benefits of ADSORBSIA™ titanium-based media over other adsorption media. Those benefits include a smaller system footprint, ease of operation, low cost of media, hassle-free disposal of spent media, and overall performance.

The high capacity of ADSORBSIA makes it an ideal, non-regenerable single-use product, of particular convenience for small to mid-sized systems, offering an affordable, easy-to-operate approach. Eliminating the need for regeneration also prevents hassles and cost of chemical storage, and disposal of arsenic-laden waste regenerant streams. ADSORBSIA media has a strong affinity for arsenic, which permits the media to maintain a stronger hold on the removed arsenic, thereby leading to easier and safer disposal.

ADSORBSIA titanium-based media has improved performance and capabilities over iron oxide-based adsorbent media, including a nanocrystalline structure that leads to faster kinetics, allowing for smaller diameter vessels, faster flow rates and a smaller system footprint. It also has the highest capacity over a range of water conditions, and can thus be used effectively in existing system designs for removing both As (III) and As (V) without pretreatment, under all pH conditions.

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