SOURCE: Teach Your Baby to Read

April 20, 2006 10:06 ET

Download Free Picture Books: Your Toddler Can Read Their Huge Picture Words

EL PASO, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 20, 2006 -- "My new Animated Picture Words are easier for toddlers to read," claims Professor Hot Dog of the free website, "Even bright one-year-old babies can help read my free cartoon books.

"An Animated Picture Word is learned almost effortlessly because the animation turns the word into a picture. The words we are teaching now, 'I' and 'can,' are harder than my new words. My new words, 'go' and 'cookie,' are easier to turn into better pictures.

"Even ten-month-old babies easily learn to pick out a picture of themselves from pictures of good things to eat. Older babies easily learn to read my new Word-Pictures, 'go' and 'cookie.' Why? Because 'go' and 'cookie' are easy to act-out. They are much easier to learn than the words we are teaching now."

But Professor Hot Dog faces outraged opposition from an influential group at, the Stories-on-the-First-Day Group. "The bedrock foundation of is that parents can download free books that start toddlers reading stories on the first day. You can't write stories; you can't even write a sentence, unless you teach words like 'I' and 'can.'

"Moreover, 'go' and 'cookie' are harder for parents. That go-toy will be hard for mothers to build."

"Let the toddlers of the world decide between stories versus easier words," answers the Professor. "I'll put my easier Animated Picture Words on our second free site, I invite the mothers of all 20 to 30 million English-speaking toddlers to try my easier words, 'go' and 'cookie.'

"Some children may do better reading our free books on the first day. Some may do better starting with the easiest of easy picture words. Probably most will do better if they learn five words and use both methods."

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