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May 16, 2012 11:00 ET

Downtown Berlin Hotel Takes Catering to New Heights

Berlin Marriott Takes Catering Outside the Hotel to Unusual Locations Around Town

BERLIN--(Marketwire - May 16, 2012) - Taking catering to new levels, the team of culinary professionals at one of the premier downtown Berlin hotels has based its new range of catering packages on the four elements.

Going past the needs of its own Berlin, Germany conference venues and creating a new "place to be" with each outside event, the dynamic catering operations of the Berlin Marriott Hotel caters to guests at more than one unusual location in and around the city.

"And when the waiter takes flight or the cook takes to water, it starts to get interesting" says head of catering Sandra Eibisch. "We love the extra kick that an original catering location offers and our clients like our unusual ideas."

Creative Element Catering packages go far past the usual ballroom gala or downtown Berlin wedding reception to create spectacular special events.

Earth = Down to earth festivities. Construction site catering that includes everything from appropriately dressed personnel in work overalls to finger food arranged on spades and cocktails served from a cement mixer. Appetizing favorites such as veal meat balls with marinated potatoes or bruschetta with smoked eel are served as canapés. Beer from the keg and pork steaks from the barbeque are essential. Alternatively, colorful party packs may be handed round. The blue ones contain beer, bread rolls with sausage and potato salad, while the pink ones contain Prosecco in tins, fruit salad and cream cheese bread rolls.

Fire = The heat is on! When guests choose fire as the central element, the catering team goes far past the comfort of Berlin hotel rooms and creates a hip metropolitan beach with a bonfire or delves into the depths of a bunker. Or, guests may be invited to discover the secret places in the ruins of a palace in Berlin-Mitte. Then the party ignites and the atmosphere heats up -- for example with a traditional Feuerzangenbowle, flambéd dishes, a fiery dance band or a flame thrower.

Water = Cast off and relax. For parties under the sign of this element, Catering by Marriott may take its guests, onto an old boat house in Oberschöneweide. This place is neither a trend location nor a party ship; it is a real discovery. Guests arrive, cast off, enjoy and relax, taking in the atmospheric wharf surrounded by old boats and historic buildings. On the barbecue is fresh fish, antipasti and meat skewers accompanied by fresh and fruity cocktails. For friends of the liquid element, Catering by Marriott also offers this package in the Aquarium, a closed down swimming baths or at the hotel's own pool.

Air = A heavenly or fast-paced event. A light and airy, transparent place such as the Tiergarten Eins house with its 50s design, roof terrace and spectacular lounge is the location of this "heavenly" package -- on request, for example, with an airplane too. In Tiergarten Eins, lunch boxes stand ready for a stroll in the garden. At the bar await exquisite delicacies and drinks; and at dusk, torches and candles are lit to create a paradisiacal atmosphere. For those who think of wind and speed when the subject of air comes up, Catering by Marriott sets up the largest and most modern traffic safety center at the edge of Berlin for the party. On the spectacular racing track, guests can experience the thrill and speed of a racing car and test their skills in demanding safety training or off-roading. Air acrobats display their skills and the culinary element of the event takes off with a flying buffet. In the evening the 25 hectares are floodlighted promising a high-flying conclusion to the event.

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The Berlin Marriott is a luxury hotel located at Potsdamer Platz welcoming guests with its sophisticated elegance, exceptional service and lavish amenities. As one of the premier hotels near Brandenburg Gate, the Philharmonic, Berlin's business district and other popular destinations, guests enjoy a location ideal for both business and leisure travel. On-site amenities include steak restaurant, a fashion bar CATWALK, an indoor pool and 24/7 fitness center.

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