dPollution International Inc.

dPollution International Inc.

December 28, 2010 13:10 ET

dPollution Announces Breakthrough Independent Research on Its Fuel Reconditioning Device

Independent Testing Shows That the Patented dPollution Device "Cracks" Longer-Chain Hydrocarbons Into Shorter Molecules, Resulting in Fuel That Burns More Completely and Efficiently

NEW YORK, NEW YORK--(Marketwire - Dec. 28, 2010) - dPollution International Inc. (PINK SHEETS:RMGX) is pleased to present breakthrough independent research outlining the process by which its patented dPollution Device reconditions fuel to deliver improved mileage and reduced emissions in closed-combustion engines.

The research was conducted by chemist Domenico Chiovitti (Order Des Chimistes --1979-144) at the OTI Canada Group research facility in Montreal. OTI is an ISO 9001:2000 certified laboratory specializing in the analysis and testing of fuels and other hydrocarbon-based products.

The data shows that the dPollution Device "cracks" the longer-chain hydrocarbons into shorter molecules, resulting in fuel that burns more completely and efficiently.

"Through our before-and-after testing and analysis, we determined that the technology substantially changed both the physical and chemical states of the gasoline that we passed through it," said Mr. Chiovitti. "Specifically, the results indicated that longer-chain hydrocarbon molecules had been broken down into shorter molecules. In shorter-chain hydrocarbons, the carbon atoms are more exposed and, thus, are more likely to make contact with ambient oxygen molecules. This translates into more complete fuel combustion."

Tests were performed on two samples of regular gasoline extracted from a 2008 Chevy Equinox. Sample one was taken from the fuel line prior to the gasoline entering the dPollution Device. Fuel was then passed through the device, where it was exposed to the technology's unique reconditioning process. Sample two was taken from the fuel line after the gasoline had exited the device.

Research Protocols and Results

The tests followed the American Standards Testing Materials (ATSM) and Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) research protocols. Analysis of the results showed that the reconditioned fuel had undergone chemical and physical state changes consistent with the changes that result when petroleum is "cracked" during refining. The analysis detected changes in five key areas:

ASTM D-4052 DENSITY TEST – Density decreased from 0.7379 grams per cubic centimeter to 0.7278 grams per cubic centimeter.

ASTM D-5191 REID VAPOR PRESSURE (RVP) TEST – RVP increased from 66.9 kilopascals to 79.0 kilopascals.

ASTM D-86 DISTILLATION TEST – The initial boiling point of the fuel decreased from 33.5 Celsius to 30.1 Celsius.

ASTM-D-2699-OCTANE NUMBER TEST – The octane number increased from 88.9 to 90.3. A fuel's octane rating is a measure of its tendency to burn in a controlled manner. The higher the octane rating, the more fully and cleaner it will burn.

CGSB -3.0 No. 14.3-99 GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY TEST – Analysis of the samples using gas chromatography found that gas propane content increased from zero to 0.0488 per cent and the butane content increased more than three times from 1.6285 per cent to 5.3744 per cent.

"Each of the changes recorded by chemist Dominic Chiovitti in his independent tests is an indication of cracking," said dPollution Research Director Dr. Daniele Brazzi. "This preliminary study is a testament to our product development efforts and an important validation of the effectiveness of our technology. dPollution intends to engage the services of OTI Canada Group to conduct further independent research on the dPollution Device and provide industry-recognized certification of the results."

"We're very excited by these preliminary research findings," said dPollution President and Chief Executive Officer Rocco Di Fruscia. "Combined with the results of earlier third-party studies we released showing that the dPollution Device substantially lowers fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, this new research dramatically strengthens our position as an international leader in the fuel reconditioning sector."

The full results of chemist Domenico Chiovitti's research can be found on the dPollution website at www.dpollution.com. Mr. Chiovitti is a special consultant to OTI Canada Group on projects related to the oil refinery industry.

About dPollution International Inc.

dPollution (PINK SHEETS:RMGX) owns the exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights to a patented fuel-conditioning technology that reduces polluting emissions and increases mileage. dPollution's innovative products improve engine performance by causing fuel to combust more efficiently and completely. The technology works on all closed-combustion engines, including those used in cars, trucks, buses, trains and heavy equipment. For more information, visit www.dPollution.com.

About OTI Canada Group

The OTI Canada Group, a member of the worldwide OTI Group, provides an independent and professional inspection service, which attests to the quality and quantity of diverse petroleum and petrochemical products, dry goods and beverages. OTI is ISO 9001:2000 certified (a first in the Canadian inspection and testing industry) and follows standards such as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB).

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