SOURCE: Dr. Alfred Bonati

October 15, 2012 06:00 ET

Dr. Alfred Bonati: Back Pain Requires the Right Kinds of Remedy

Despite the Many Treatment Options That Exist for Those Experiencing Back Pain, Improper Diagnoses Are Noted to Contribute to Prolonged Discomfort; Dr. Alfred Bonati, Orthopedic Surgeon, Comments on These Trends

HUDSON, FL--(Marketwire - Oct 15, 2012) - Although there are a great deal of medical professionals and treatment options available for those experiencing back pain, a recent article from The Spectrum reveals that many patients may not know where to go to seek out proper care. According to suggestions made from the article, "back pain" is a blanket term that can encompass a wide variety of complications that require attention from the appropriate specialist. Unlike many other ailments treated with a common surgery or prescription medication, back pain remediation requires personalized treatment plans that can help the individual recover from what specifically caused the problem in the first place. Dr. Alfred Bonati, Chief Surgeon and Founder of the Bonati Spine Institute, weighs in on this dilemma that continues to trouble patients today.

According to the article, the nature of the pain should determine where an individual seeks out medical attention. For instance, if the pain resulted from immediate trauma, the article urges that patients seek out care from a hospital emergency department. However, if the issue stems from gradual pain or discomfort, The Spectrum suggests that a "spine and pain doctor" may be more effective. However, according to Dr. Alfred Bonati, some individuals may not know how to determine the source of the pain, and for that reason proper diagnosis is essential.

Pain specialist Dr. Jon Obray tells The Spectrum, "Good diagnostics provide a lot of value for the buck. Think of it this way: If [you are] having problems in your house with paint peeling and bubbling, you can sand and repaint, but if the problem was caused by a plumbing issue behind the wall, you [have not] solved anything. It is the same thing with pain. The diagnosis drives the treatment, so if you pinpoint the right cause, the treatment is more effective and efficient." Although Dr. Alfred Bonati agrees with this statement, he notes that it is also important for the patient to seek out a diagnosis from the right professional.

Dr. Alfred Bonati explains, "Poor diagnoses by General Practitioners and others with less-than-necessary neurological symptomatology training is a common problem. The patient's pain guides diagnosis, and if clinical diagnosis does not address the specific pain related by the patient, treatment will not be successful because each specific pain comes from specific anatomical structures."

As a trusted orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Alfred Bonati is able to help many patients identify and form treatment plans for those that experience pain as a result of spinal conditions or injuries. He explains that throughout one's recovery, it is important for patients to refer to educated medical professionals and keep all of their doctors informed on the details of the diagnoses and treatment plan.


Dr. Alfred Bonati is an orthopedic surgeon located in Hudson, Florida, and is the Chief Surgeon and Founder of The Bonati Spine Institute. Through his ground-breaking surgical procedures, which he has designed over the course of his career, Dr. Alfred Bonati completes operations to improve various spinal conditions and injuries.

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