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January 16, 2013 10:39 ET

Dr. Andrew Dean at Laporte Animal Clinic Publishes Winter Horseback Riding Guide

LAPORTE, CO--(Marketwire - Jan 16, 2013) - Just because it is getting cold outside does not meant you have to stop a favorite outdoor pastime, and Laporte Animal Clinic's equine veterinarian and farrier, Dr. Dean, has some tips and services to help make your horse or pony more comfortable in the snow and ice.

Laporte Animal Clinic offers two types of different horseshoe pads that will enable you to ride your horse throughout the winter while still ensuring proper horse care.

The first type covers the entire foot and has a bubble in the center that pops the snow out. This pad is desirable if the horse already requires a protective pad or is tender footed. A medicated packing is used between the pad and the foot. 

The second type is rim style. It leaves the bottom of the foot exposed and functions because the flexible rim material works the snow out. This pad lets the frog (a part of the horses foot) function normally which may help provide traction. 

Laporte Animal Clinic co-owner, doctor and farrier Dr. Andrew Dean said proper pads will prevent snow packing from taking place under the shoes, which will enable your horse to be comfortable on winter rides.

"The most important horse care consideration when riding in the winter is good traction," Dr. Dean said. "Giving your horse solid footing when navigating a frozen field or crossing ice patches is a safety concern, not to mention essential to providing proper horse care. North facing slopes or trails on the north side of hills may have ice on them even though the surrounding areas are clear. Areas of tall grass may also have ice underneath where the sun cannot reach to melt it."

Dr. Dean also recommends applying a screw-in type caulk because certain areas of tall grass may be receptive to having ice underneath that the sun is unable to melt.

Ultimately, Dr. Dean believes you can still enjoy horse riding to its fullest during the winter as long as you take the right precautions.

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