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January 18, 2013 08:35 ET

Dr. Benjamin Chavis Releases Preview of Economic Transformation Speech

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - Jan 18, 2013) -  Dr. Benjamin Chavis, one of the world's pre-eminent civil rights leaders over the last 45 years, and the Co-founder and Chairman of the Dry Fried Wing Company (OTCQB: EEDG), has pre-released the following statement that he will be sharing with his guests at today's Ribbon Cutting at 2:00 PM at The Box Sports Bar in Bethesda, MD.



On the eve of the second Inauguration of President Barack H. Obama and on the occasion of the National Holiday for the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I am pleased to issue this statement at today's Grand Opening of the Dry Fried Wing Company's co-branding acquisition of the Box Sports Bar in Bethesda.

I am also very moved and honored to be here in the presence of one of my colleagues of the Wilmington Ten, Wayne Moore, who now resides in the state of Michigan. Just a few days ago outgoing North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue issued a Pardon of Innocence to the members of the Wilmington Ten who were falsely framed-up and imprisoned unjustly because of our civil rights work to attain equal quality education for all of our children in the city of Wilmington, forty-one years ago.

Further, I sincerely thank and note the presence of state officials and other nationally known leaders from the Maryland and DC Area who have joined my dear friends Michael Steele and Charles Dutton for the ribbon-cutting ceremony here at The Box. Permit me to emphasize that we intend to push the envelope from this day forward on three critical issues that are so vital and fundamental to the quality of life of our families and communities. Some of you might ask, what does understanding the free market system through entrepreneurial participation have to do with civil rights today?

I have spent my entire life working for the fulfillment of the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As a teenager I was the statewide youth coordinator for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) in my home state of North Carolina. The struggle then, as it is still today, is a struggle for freedom, justice and equality. We have made much progress during the past 50 years, but we all know through the rampant poverty and inequity that still haunts the souls, spirits and lives of millions of people across America, that we have a long ways to go to fulfill Dr. King's dream of equal opportunity and access for all people in our society. Some of you may recall that just before Dr. King was abruptly taken from us in 1968, he stated that the next mission for the civil rights movement would be economic justice with the goal of economic empowerment.

Today, more than ever before, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to make a positive, transformative difference in the area of helping people and communities get themselves out of poverty and hopelessness through education and the therapeutic consequences of participating in basic economic development and the creation of wealth. 

We live in the greatest economic system in the history of mankind yet many millions of people do not know or understand how the free market system actually works through lack of access and opportunity. This is where I intend to devote the remainder of my life, to help educate people on the workings of our economic system and to make people aware of how they can participate, invest, and grow wealth. I founded the Dry Fried Wing Company in Florida last year specifically to establish a publicly traded model to raise both awareness and the opportunity to participate in the financial marketplace. Entrepreneurship is best taught by doing it, participating in it, and by benefiting from the overall experience through one's own involvement and commitment.

Specifically, the Dry Fried Wing Company rewards its nationwide army of entrepreneurs with instant cash and most importantly, stock in our publicly traded company. Our "brokers" earn their compensation by creating opportunities for eating establishments that they're familiar with to benefit from the addition of our uniquely delicious wings. People of all ages and backgrounds can now experience and understand the many intricacies and rewards associated with the ownership of stock and compound that knowledge as they build a thriving business of their own. We are proud to see that visionary Veteran organizations like are represented here today and have found our program to be a great vehicle for disabled veterans to get back on their feet financially.

My vision of Economic Transformation begins with the reality of equal access and equal opportunity for all. We must then focus on taking advantage of the unparalleled opportunities that lie before us and use our skills, talents and creativity to fully utilize the entrepreneurial spirit that can drive all of us to our own level of greatness. Finally we must take it upon ourselves to learn about the free markets, and how they create mega-billions of dollars of wealth every year, by becoming a part of the process. There is no better way to learn than through experience. There is no better way to lead than by example. On behalf of the Dry Fried Wing Company I want to thank everyone here for your support and good will. God bless you all.

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