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March 15, 2010 08:00 ET

Dr. Cheryle Hart Offers Remedies for St. Patrick's Day Hangovers During AquaHydrate's "Hangover Helper" Webcast Airing Monday, March 15

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HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA--(Marketwire - March 15, 2010) - AquaHydrate, the first high performance sports water, today announced a webcast on Monday, March 15 with Dr. Cheryle Hart on how to prevent and minimize St. Patrick's Day hangovers. Dr. Hart has researched hundreds of medical and folk hangover remedies to come up with her top recommendations. To view the recorded webcast, go to:

The recorded webcast will also feature a giveaway of Dr. Hart's "Hangover Helper Kit" including AquaHydrate water, and many other of the remedies suggested in her webcast. To register to win the Hangover Helper Kit, go to:

Dr. Hart's hangover tips
Dr. Hart will present a three-part plan for hangovers that includes a discussion of what causes them and tips for what to do before, during and after you drink. 

The common element in her plan is drinking lots of water, since alcohol is very dehydrating. But according to Dr. Hart, the type of water makes a difference. "Studies show that alkaline electrolyzed water, such as AquaHydrate (, speeds up metabolism of alcohol and protects your liver better than regular, plain water," she said. 

Before drinking, Dr. Hart recommends:

  • Eating a meal that includes complex carbohydrates and some dietary fat;
  • Drinking plenty of water since alcohol is very dehydrating;
  • Taking a Vitamin B 50 complex supplement.

While you are drinking, Dr. Hart recommends:

  • Staying away from darker colored alcohols that are full of congeners -- natural impurities that cause the worst hangovers;
  • Drinking at the rate of one alcoholic drink per hour;
  • Drinking a water "spacer" between alcoholic drinks to stay hydrated. 

After drinking, Dr. Hart recommends:

  • Drinking one liter of water to keep up hydration and to flush out aldehydes and methanol;
  • Taking two over-the-counter anti-inflammatory tablets such as Aleve. She advises avoiding acetaminophen, which can be toxic to the liver. 
  • Taking 500mg. of the over-the-counter amino acid Tyrosine, which raises dopamine and lowers serotonin to improve the balance of neurotransmitters upset by drinking. 

"Drinking plenty of alkaline, electrolyzed water is key in my program," said Dr. Hart. "I personally recommend the AquaHydrate ( brand. In addition to being an extremely pure alkaline electrolyzed water, it has natural trace minerals, which are not only healthy, but make the water taste smooth and silky. This makes easier to drink enough to stave off dehydration. Of course the most important thing is to drink responsibly."

About Dr. Hart:
Dr. Hart, medical consultant for AquaHydrate, has been a physician and medical educator for the past 29 years. During the past 10 years, she has focused her practice on health programs aimed at optimal wellness and disease prevention. Dr. Hart completed her medical training in obstetrics and gynecology at the Mayo Clinic in 1984 and held appointments as clinical professor there and at the University Of Washington School Of Medicine. Dr. Hart is also board certified in Bariatrics, the medical management of weight. Dr. Hart co-authored's continuing top seller, The Insulin-Resistance Diet, How to Turn off Your Body's Fat-Making Machine (McGraw-Hill Publishers) in 2001. 

AquaHydrate's performance and hydration edge 
AquaHydrate, the first high performance sports water, provides a proprietary combination of an alkaline pH, and macro and trace minerals from natural foods pioneer, Trace Minerals Research -- all in an ultra pure water. Athletes who rely on AquaHydrate during training and competition have experienced significant improvements in their focus, performance, and recovery. 

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