SOURCE: Christopher J. Davidson, MD

October 05, 2016 19:00 ET

Dr. Christopher Davidson Adds Clear + Brilliant® to His Plastic Surgery Practice in Boston

A New Treatment Arrives at Christopher Davidson, MD's Plastic Surgery Center, Giving Patients Another Choice When It Comes to Maintaining a More Youthful Look -- The Laser-based Clear + Brilliant® Counters the Effects of Aging

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - October 05, 2016) - Though he focuses on plastic surgery, Boston's Harvard-trained and board-certified Christopher Davidson, MD, understands that different patients feel comfortable with different procedures and treatments. Goals and desired results vary from person to person, and while one may want a rejuvenating facelift, another may choose nonsurgical skin care. That's why Dr. Davidson is kicking off a new treatment at his practice: Clear + Brilliant®.

The laser, recently added to his menu of services and ready for patients coming in for October skin care, is a nonsurgical, noninvasive treatment that visibly illuminates skin tone; renews the skin texture to a smoother, naturally radiant glow; and reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines.

Many patients feel that Clear + Brilliant® is a welcome treatment for maintaining the investments they have made in their skin, especially since surgical procedures alone can't address skin quality. Plastic surgery often involves incisions made to allow the doctor to lift sagging tissue and tighten drooping skin. The changes visible after a typical facial plastic surgery reveal new, sleeker contours, but the tone and texture of the skin itself remain essentially the same as they were before the procedure. Also, while safe, plastic surgery does require recuperation time.

The laser works by stimulating natural healing processes through applying focused heat energy to precisely targeted points in the skin. Each treatment is followed by a medical-grade serum treatment containing vitamins E, C, and A; peptides; and growth factors that work together to produce results. Patients will leave Dr. Davidson's office with complimentary products in hand, as well as sound advice for comprehensive skin care.

No matter how old a patient is, sun exposure, environmental conditions, and lifestyle choices can contribute to lackluster skin. Whether someone wants to extend the younger look of their skin or seeks to reverse early signs of aging, Clear + Brilliant® can help.

The laser treatment is safe when used by a trained expert who will evaluate each patient's skin and recommend the best course of treatment of his or her unique concerns. The number of treatments will be tailored to the patient based on those concerns and skin care desires.

Results are both immediate and progressive. In recent studies, consumers reported visible improvements after only one treatment, with more dramatic improvements appearing after three to six treatments.

Learn more about options for maintaining a youthful appearance -- whether plastic surgery or minimally invasive treatments such as Clear + Brilliant® -- by contacting Dr. Christopher Davidson at his Boston-area plastic surgery practice in Wellesley, MA.

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