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Digital Orthotics, Inc.

February 19, 2010 13:59 ET

Dr. Craig Lowe to Present at Season of Life Conference

Founder of Digital Orthotics Will Discuss Benefits of Advanced Corrective Footwear

TUSTIN, CA--(Marketwire - February 19, 2010) - Craig Lowe M.D. -- the retired board-certified podiatrist and surgeon who founded 3D imaging systems provider Digital Orthotics, Inc. -- will lead a discussion on advanced footwear orthotics at the Season of Life Expo, which will be held March 20th at the Indian Wells Theater in Palm Desert.

Dr. Lowe will present the latest information on treating the underlying causes of musculoskeletal disease through the use of 3D ergonomics and biomechanics.

"It's estimated that 85 percent of the population requires some form of medical-grade corrective orthotic footwear, but less than one percent receive such products," said Dr. Craig Lowe. "By treating the causes -- rather than symptoms -- of musculoskeletal disease, we can reduce joint problems, prevent injuries, ease pain, increase stamina and improve overall quality of life."

Dr. Lowe went on to explain that bio-engineered ergonomic orthotics developed with 3D imaging can also maximize body balance, energy and performance.

The Season of Life Conference connects Baby Boomers and their parents to the most up-to-date advances in fitness, wellness and healthy aging. Panel discussions will cover topics including nutrition, positive body mechanics and fall prevention, brain health, beautiful aging, food allergies and intolerances, and adrenal health. For more information, visit

About Digital Orthotics

Founded by Dr. Craig Lowe, Digital Orthotics, Inc. developed, patented and markets the advanced "3 DO Digital Foot Imaging System" (or "3 DO"). The system performs a rapid 3D scan of a person's foot in order to produce custom, medical-grade foot orthotics and next-generation ergonomic footwear. Such therapeutic devices are precisely contoured and inserted into footwear to alleviate foot and skeletal muscular pain, as well as other maladies. At the core of the system is a specially designed 3D sensing pad that detects abnormalities in a person's feet or gait in order to identify needed therapies and specifications for custom orthotics. More information about Digital Orthotics is available at

About Dr. Craig Lowe

Dr. Craig Lowe, 3 DO Digital Orthotics founder, is a retired board-certified podiatric physician and surgeon with nearly 25 years of private practice experience in laser surgery, microsurgery, orthopedics and sports medicine. Dr. Lowe also has a 24-year history in custom footwear manufacturing, and has owned and operated orthotics labs and orthotics manufacturing plants. He is an authority in the field of biomechanical imaging systems and functional biomechanics/ergonomics.

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