November 09, 2011 15:02 ET

Dr. David Samadi Performs Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgeries in the Netherlands

Sharing His Robotic Prostatectomy Expertise, Dr. Samadi Helps Overseas Healthcare Effort in Fight Against Prostate Cancer

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Nov 9, 2011) - This week the lives of prostate cancer patients in the Netherlands were dramatically altered through the life-saving robotic prostatectomy surgery efforts of New York-based Dr. David Samadi. While in the Netherlands, Dr. Samadi performed prostate cancer surgery on four patients and collaborated with doctors to share his prostate cancer treatment expertise. International medical travel is a regular part of Dr. Samadi's commitment to eradicating prostate cancer through PSA screenings and increased availability of quality healthcare.

"This was an amazing opportunity for me to work with international prostate cancer specialists and share the success of SMART Surgery," said Dr. Samadi, Vice Chairman, Department of Urology, and Chief of Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery at The Mount Sinai Medical Center. Having performed over 3,600 successful robotic prostatectomy procedures, Dr. Samadi uses his own SMART (Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique) Surgery to deliver superior prostate cancer cure rates and reduce the negative side effects of surgery.

Urogenital MRI specialist, Dr. Jelle Barentsz of The Dutch Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center in the Netherlands, welcomed Dr. Samadi. "The collaboration with Dr. Samadi was invaluable. We were able to incorporate our MRI technology while I participated in the surgeries," said Dr. Barentsz. "What we learned about robotic prostatectomy surgery during his visit will be immensely helpful to us as we develop our skills and work to save patient lives."

The patients treated by Dr. Samadi during his visit each presented their own medical challenges, including a midline incision in one patient and advanced prostate cancer with T3 extracapsular extension in another, making his extensive knowledge vital to their cases. Patients ranged from 47 to 70 years of age.

"I'm happy to report that each surgery was a success. I was able to effectively remove the cancerous prostate in all four patients and thanks to the minimally invasive nature of SMART surgery, each patient experienced minimal blood loss and a very short hospital stay. They are well on their way to enjoying cancer-free lives," concluded Dr. Samadi.

Dr. Samadi's SMART approach to treating prostate cancer is a careful blend of his experiences across urologic oncology, traditional surgery, laparoscopy and robotic surgery. "The most important decision a patient makes is to put their care in the hands of an experienced surgeon. That is why it's so important to me to help doctors in other countries learn about SMART surgery while honing their prostate cancer treatment expertise. With experience comes success. I want patients worldwide to have the same opportunities for success as those in the U.S. with regard to prostate cancer cure, urinary continence and sexual potency," said Dr. Samadi.

Dr. Samadi and Dr. Barentsz will continue to explore shared learning opportunities, including a potential research collaboration at The Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York.

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