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September 08, 2015 18:53 ET

Dr. Dino Prato's Envita Medical Center Releases a Powerful Second Opinion Article for Cancer Patients Seeking Better Treatment

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - September 08, 2015) - Cancer patients are now finding out that if doctors don’t get chemotherapy right the first time, they may very well find themselves on the path to refractory ongoing care. This is according to a recent article from Envita Medical Center called, "Cancer Treatment: The 2nd Opinion That Is Saving Lives," which says, "The data has now become clear that after initial chemotherapy fails, as many as 95% of cancer patients will not respond to the next suggested line of drug by conventional methods." Envita Medical Center urges patients to get a second opinion because of this fact, which has been a common problem in cancer treatment for decades. To that end, the medical clinic says that the answer to better cancer treatment involves the science of biomarkers (genetic testing) and causation (what causes cancer). These factors in combination form a medical blueprint for personalized cancer treatment.

The concept of biomarkers and using genetic testing to improve cancer treatment is on the rise in modern oncology, further evidenced by the new clinical trials coming from the National Cancer Institute. According to the second opinion article from Envita, "When physicians utilize biomarkers, which are described as unique features and characteristics reflecting each patient's individual cancer (like a blue print of what your cancer will respond to) they are guided to treatments that are more likely to be effective, and more importantly, this also allows them to identify which treatments are likely to fail. Based on this detailed information, treatment strategies become better targeted and designed specifically for the patient’s own cancer genetics." This is the approach that Envita has employed for several years and for many patients, and the clinic has even developed a propriety delivery treatment regimen called GTFC, or Genetically Targeted Fractionated Chemotherapy. GTFC utilizes genetic testing to find the best chemotherapeutic agents, all while reducing side effects and increasing targeting for patients through metronomic dosing.

The second piece of the cancer treatment puzzle mentioned in the Envita article and something that is vastly overlooked in the conventional model of healthcare, is the concept of causation; what really causes the patient’s cancer? According to the article, "This is something patients never really know, let alone are able to treat." Envita believes that treating the causes of cancer is essential to reaching optimal health; causes which can range from environmental carcinogens to dangerous infections. Dr. Dino Prato, founder of the medical center, uses the analogy, "If you remove the leaves of a plant and never remove the roots it will eventually return again and in the case of cancer it returns with a vengeance." Because of the potential harm that these causes can lead to when not addressed, Envita has also written peer reviewed studies identifying these issues. One such study was called "Environmental Carcinogens and the Kinds of Cancers They Cause," which was featured in the Open Journal of Oncology and Medscape, and can be found in its entirety here.

When genetic testing is accomplished and the causation of cancer is identified, cancer patients can finally get the personalized care that can make all the difference for them. This is many times found only after a second opinion. For more information about cancer treatment or to view the complete "second opinion" article, go to

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