SOURCE: Ellen Turner, M.D.

February 21, 2017 13:30 ET

Dr. Ellen Turner Adds Vaginal Rejuvenation to Her Dermatology Services

Modern technology has made nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation an increasingly fast and safe treatment, leading Dr. Ellen Turner to add FemTouch™ to her Dallas dermatology practice

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - February 21, 2017) - Once the realm of sutures and surgery, vaginal rejuvenation is now possible in a matter of minutes with the nonsurgical application of laser technology. As of December, the CO2 laser-based FemTouch™ for vaginal rejuvenation is available at Dr. Ellen Turner's Dallas dermatology practice.

Made by Lumenis®, the FDA-approved FemTouch™ is designed for women experiencing vaginal atrophy, which can be triggered by hormone fluctuations like menopause, or develop over time, especially after childbirth. Symptoms include dryness, which can cause discomfort or pain during intercourse; changes to the labia, which can become more prominent and prone to chafing; and stress incontinence, which is the term for accidental releases of urine during physical activity due to a lack of support for the bladder from the pelvic wall.

Fractional laser energy from the FemTouch™ device is applied directly to the vaginal walls with a sterilized applicator, heating the tissues there to remodel them and encourage coagulation that relieves the symptoms of vaginal atrophy. A treatment session is painless, involves no incisions or injections, and can be handled quickly in a dermatology office. The application itself takes only a few minutes.

Tissue remodeling is a gradual process, so the changes that begin at the dermatology practice will continue in the following days and weeks. Improvements may be visible after one or two visits, but many women find that they achieve their ideal results after two to four sessions.

Because FemTouch™ is nonsurgical and gentle, patients have only basic post-procedural care instructions to follow, including complete vaginal rest for 72 hours. Some women experience a sensation of mild heat in the treated area after their session, though the feeling should fade on its own in a matter of hours.

At her dermatology-focused practice, Dr. Turner regularly sees women who want to improve their skin beauty and health, but who may be suffering in silence when it comes to their vaginal area. The subject may be a sensitive one, but Dr. Turner encourages any woman dissatisfied with the state of her vaginal health to discuss the problem -- and discover potential solutions -- at a local dermatology practice staffed by a qualified and experienced doctor.

Dr. Turner leads a consultation with each woman considering FemTouch™ to establish the prospective patient's ultimate goals and determine whether the laser technology is the appropriate treatment.

Find out more about FemTouch™ and vaginal rejuvenation at the Dallas dermatology practice of Dr. Ellen Turner, serving Irving, Plano, and beyond. Call (214) 373-7546 or visit to learn more about her three dermatology-focused office locations in Irving/Baylor and Cleburne.

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