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April 08, 2012 11:30 ET

Dr. John Simon Is First Michigan Veterinarian Trained in FSM for Pet Nerve Pain

ROYAL OAK, MI--(Marketwire - Apr 8, 2012) - Royal Oak veterinarian Dr. John Simon, owner and Director of the Woodside Animal Clinic in Michigan, is proud to announce that he is offering Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) for treating nerve and muscle pain as well as bone, ligament, tendon and cartilage problems in companion animals. According to the veterinarian, he is excited to add one more holistic therapy to his extensive tool chest of alternative modalities. Dr. Simon is the first small animal veterinarian in Michigan to become trained in the form of therapy known as Frequency Specific Micro-current. The holistic veterinarian also offers acupuncture, chiropractic, Bioresonance Therapy, Bio-Oxidative Therapy, and essential oil therapy to name a few of his holistic services.

FSM is a relatively new form of therapy that treats many painful animal disorders. FSM is a painless therapy that utilizes a very minute electric current of a very specific frequency. Dr. Simon's FSM training came in the form of over 30 hours of lecture and hands on experience. According to the Royal Oak veterinarian, he plans on getting further training in FSM by taking an advanced course. FSM is used primarily for problems of pain and inflammation, but also helps to modulate the immune system. The veterinarian stated that the treatment itself is quite effective and painless and has been used on humans for over 15 years.

When a dog or cat is treated with FSM, they are attached to the main unit by soft electrodes. Because the therapy unit is very light, it is actually carried around by the pet in a little "fanny pack," and consequently, he or she can walk around during the treatment. Depending on the disorder, the actual treatment time ranges from between 30 minutes to an hour. The only sensation the pet may experience is a slight tingling, but most often the animal has no idea that there is an electrical current running. The therapy is performed with the owner present and there is no need to leave the pet at the animal hospital. Therapy sessions are usually performed every 3 to 7 days.

Dr. Simon stated that because he has just begun using FSM in his practice, he has so far only treated pets with arthritis and intervertebral disk disease but he plans on using it for a variety of other pain problems. Dr. Simon is very excited about the possibilities this new modality holds for extending his ability to effectively treat otherwise hard to deal with problems. "I am excited about the various applications of this type of pain management technology for pets. I offer these types of holistic services at my animal hospital because, when combined with veterinary medical care, I find we are able to treat more pet symptoms and pain conditions effectively. Our combined holistic and medical approach provides pet owners with more comprehensive care options for conditions like cancer in dogs or dog rashes than available at many standard veterinary practices," said the holistic veterinarian.

In addition to being the first FSM veterinarian in Michigan, Dr. Simon is also the first certified veterinary acupuncturist and veterinary chiropractor in the greater Detroit area. He is also the first Detroit veterinarian to use pulsed magnetic therapy and the first Michigan veterinarian to perform in house, adult stem cell therapy. Other holistic modalities he offers include therapeutic cold laser therapy and infrasonic therapy. When asked about this list of services, Dr. Simon said, "I use only the best of both worlds."

About Woodside Animal Hospital: The Royal Oak animal vet clinic provides both medical and holistic veterinary care for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, rodents and ferrets. Dr. John Simon is the owner of Woodside Animal Hospital, is certified in a range of medical and holistic veterinary techniques, and is a published author. 1-888-667-5235

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