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January 31, 2005 09:07 ET

Dr Mark Percival Speaks at Rim Park Feb 9th, 7pm

Published expert in wellness and weight loss speaks on the Epidemic of Obesity Attention: Education Editor, Health/Medical Editor, Lifestyle Editor KITCHENER, ON--(CCNMatthews - Jan. 31, 2005) - Dr. Percival of New Hamburg has co-authored several books already and has 2 new books being published which are certain to become best sellers. The first: The World's Best Kept Health Secret Revealed is scheduled for release this June and the second on Natural Weight Loss will be released early 2006.

Dr. Percival was selected to co-author these books because of his extensive expertise, research and prior publications on natural healing principles and our body's natural weight regulating mechanisms. The simple models he's pioneered for how we function and why we struggle with weight challenges and other chronic illnesses have gained international acclaim.

Dr. Percival has taught doctors across 2 continents on how to approach patient education and care, incorporating evidence-based interventions and key lifestyle factors. As one of the world's leading health and weight loss experts, Dr. Percival, is the founder of Health Coach Systems International and the Health Coach Wellness and Vitality Center, an integrative multi-disciplinary family practice in New Hamburg. He is co-founder of the first evidence-based online Health and Nutritional Assessment (see
Our body's natural weight regulation system has been scientifically studied and validated over the past 100 years. Yet broad ignorance lingers, as to how it functions, as a protective mechanism, serving to safeguard us from lifestyles that are mismatched to our individual genetics. Fact: weight loss, without addressing these factors permanently, will not result in improved health.

Dr. Percival explains the research and realities behind weight regulation in detailed, entertaining and uniquely inspiring ways. Learn:

Why we're in the midst of an epidemic of obesity.
Learn why NO DIET CAN POSSIBLY WORK and find out what really does.
How our natural circadian functions, mental-emotional stress, sleep, and specific types of exercise play central roles here.

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