Allow Golden Rice Society

October 07, 2013 15:54 ET

Dr. Patrick Moore Will Lead a Demonstration to Protest Greenpeace's Opposition to Golden Rice at Their Flagship Rainbow Warrior on Friday October 11 and Saturday October 12

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Oct. 7, 2013) - He will also host an Information Session, open to the public, on Thursday October 10, 3 pm at Bimini's Public House, 2010 W 4th Ave, Vancouver.

According to the World Health Organization as many as 500,000 children are blinded each year due to a lack of vitamin A, half of whom die within a year. It has been agreed by both scientific and health organizations that Golden Rice, a genetically modified rice containing genes from corn, is the most promising method to change this affliction. The problem affects mostly children in urban slums in Asia and Africa.

Since the invention of Golden rice by humanitarian scientists in 1999, eight million children have died from vitamin A deficiency. Greenpeace and its allies lead the opposition to Golden Rice, which has not yet been approved by any country. They have condoned the destruction of scientific field trials of Golden Rice in the Philippines, and attempted to discredit the scientists who have proven that Golden Rice provides vitamin A safely and effectively.

The Allow Golden Rice Society, begun by Dr. Moore's family, will conduct a campaign to convince Greenpeace to make a humanitarian exception to their zero-tolerance position on genetic modification, and stop opposing Golden Rice.

"Greenpeace began as a humanitarian organization, to save civilization from an all-out nuclear war," stated Dr. Moore. "It is hard to believe they now maintain the stance that their ill-defined fears justify keeping research on Golden Rice from proceeding."

Please come out to discuss this topic, and then to carry the message to Greenpeace. It is so important to millions of parents and their children in the countries that use rice as their main staple food.

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