Back Clinics of Canada

Back Clinics of Canada

May 03, 2013 13:17 ET

Dr. Ron Nusbaum, of Back Clinics of Canada, Launches Exercise Videos for Preventing and Alleviating Low Back Pain and Neck Pain

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 3, 2013) - Dr. Ron Nusbaum, CEO of Back Clinics of Canada, has launched a series of exercise videos for back and neck pain sufferers.

Dr. Nusbaum created 28 videos that are brief, lively, and clearly show how to perform various gentle stretching exercises that target the muscles responsible for supporting the spine.

"Back pain and neck pain are so prevalent among Canadian adults. It almost is expected with age. But people must realize that they can make simple lifestyle changes to mitigate, and even prevent serious low back pain and neck pain," says Dr. Nusbaum. "One easy lifestyle factor is to maintain a strong and healthy spine through simple exercises and stretches."

Videos can be viewed on Back Clinics of Canada's website They are also available on (search Back Clinics of Canada).

In each short, Dr. Nusbaum clearly explains the goal of the exercise and how to perform it. An assistant demonstrates exactly how each is to be done. No equipment is required, beyond a yoga mat for comfort, and a small inflatable beach ball for a few neck exercises.

These exercises are prescribed to Back Clinics patients as part of their comprehensive treatment program. Dr. Nusbaum decided to make them available to the public. "A strong back is directly related to good health," says Dr. Nusbaum. "The spine is the main support for our body, allowing for movement, flexibility, strength, and the ability to absorb stress and compression. We want to help everyone build and maintain strong muscles around the lower back, and through the abdominal muscles, to help support and stabilize the spine."

The North American Spine Society recommends core strengthening exercise for people with mild low back pain to improve posture, ease symptoms, and prevent future back pain. "Back pain and neck pain is non-discriminatory," explains Dr. Nusbaum. "Anyone can get it, at any time. Our goal at Back Clinics of Canada is to help people avoid serious back injury or risk of a damaged disc in the first place."

Always check with your back specialist before you perform any stretches or exercises.

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