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September 06, 2012 05:57 ET

Dr. Ronald Herberman Joins TNI BioTech Inc. as Senior Vice President of Research and Development and Chief Medical Officer

NEW YORK, NY and POTOMAC, MD--(Marketwire - Sep 6, 2012) - TNI BioTech Inc (PINKSHEETS: TNIB), a public company operating in the biotech sector, announced today that Dr. Ronald Herberman joined the company as Senior Vice President of Research and Development and Chief Medical Officer effective immediately. Dr. Herberman's responsibilities include leading the company's global development, clinical research and medical initiatives.

Dr. Herberman will be a member of the company's executive leadership team, and report to Dr. Eugene Youkilis, President and the Board of Directors. As the company's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Herberman will employee his extensive experience in all phases of drug development, drug portfolio management -- including acquisition of new assets, and in dealing with regulators and government agencies. Dr. Herberman will also retain specific accountabilities relating to patient safety.

Dr. Herberman joins the company from Intrexon Corporation, where he was Chief Medical Officer, responsible for scientists and clinicians in discovery, clinical research and development, regulatory affairs and medical affairs. Previously, he served as the founding director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and Associate Vice Chancellor for Cancer Research, Hillman Professor of Oncology and Professor of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Dr. Herberman is an internationally recognized tumor immunologist, who has made major discoveries in his field and has fostered the application of this information to novel approaches to cancer therapy, diagnosis and prevention. Dr. Herberman has been recognized and received numerous awards, including the Lifetime Science Award from the Institute for Advanced Studies in Immunology and Aging. The significance of Dr. Herberman's foundational scientific discoveries is underscored by his recognition as one of the 100 most-cited research authors during the period from 1981 until 1990.

Dr. Nicholas Plotnikoff, TNI BioTech, Inc. Chairman noted that the company's hiring of Dr. Herberman reflects TNI BioTech's highest priority: to become a world-class leader in groundbreaking therapeutics for patients who are afflicted with cancer, autoimmune and infectious disease including HIV/AIDS. "In order to successfully become a world-class leader," stated Dr. Plotnikoff, "we need significant expertise in clinical, regulatory and leadership development, along with a deep knowledge of immunology and Dr. Herberman brings demonstrated strengths in these areas having made major discoveries in his field and has fostered the application of this information to novel approaches to cancer therapy, diagnosis and prevention during his time as a leader at the National Cancer Institute and Founding Director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute."

Dr. Plotnikoff added, "During his career, Dr. Herberman has been recognized as a leader in the field of immunology. The phenomenon of natural killer (NK) cell-mediated cytotoxicity against tumors was first discovered in Dr. Herberman's laboratory at the National Cancer Institute in the early 1970s. In addition to his pioneering investigation of NK cells, Dr. Herberman has played a leading role in multiple areas of tumor immunology. TNI BioTech therapies and treatments draw upon the theory that medicine can enlist the body's own immune system to combat cancer and autoimmune diseases that are Dr. Herberman's specialty. His experience and strategic perspective precisely meet TNI BioTech's needs today."

Dr. Herberman commented: "I am very excited to assume a leadership position in TNI Biotech Inc. I have had the privilege to know Dr. Plotnikoff for about 30 Years and I have been very impressed with his pioneering studies of the effects of opioid peptides on the immune system. I am convinced that TNI Biotech's drugs have much potential for the treatment of not only cancer, but also a range of other diseases including multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, and Crohn's Disease. I intend to rapidly build on a pre-existing foundation of clinical research with low dose naltrexone and met-enkephalin, and develop innovative approaches to use them to stimulate the immune system to make an impact on these and other chronic diseases"

About TNI Biotech, Inc.

TNI BioTech, Inc., is a biotech company working to combat fatal diseases through the activation and mobilization of the body's immune system using our patented immunotherapy. Our products and immunotherapy technologies are designed to harness the power of the immune system to improve the treatment of cancer, infections such as HIV/AIDS, chronic inflammatory diseases, and autoimmune diseases.

Our proprietary technology, therapies and patents, will be used to treat a wide range of cancers. Our most advanced clinical programs involve immunotherapy that works by isolating a patient's lymphocytes and then incubating them together with Methionine Enkephalin (MENK) in an enriching external incubation system. After incubation the patient's lymphocytes are re-infused back into the patient where they combat and destroy tumor cells.

However, even though Management considers any condition that results in altered-immune response a target for investigation, the Company will most likely pursue additional investigations for MENK as a valuable candidate in the treatment of the following:

  • Autoimmune states such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis;
  • As an adjunct to antibiotics in the treatment of infectious diseases;
  • In cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, radiation treatments or surgery;
  • Patients with AIDS, in combination with retroviral drug therapy; and
  • In wound healing or herpes viral infections.

SPECIAL NOTE REGARDING FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENTS: This press release includes various "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, which represent the Company's expectations or beliefs concerning future events. Statements containing expressions such as "believes," "anticipates," "intends," or "expects," used in the Company's press releases and in Disclosure Statements and Reports filed with the Over The Counter Markets through the OTC Disclosure and News Service are intended to identify forward-looking statements. All forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties. Although the Company believes its expectations are based upon reasonable assumptions within the bounds of its knowledge of its business and operations, there can be no assurances that actual results will not differ materially from expected results. The Company cautions that these and similar statements included in this report are further qualified by important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date thereof. The Company undertakes no obligation to publicly release any revisions to such forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date hereof.

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