SOURCE: Dr. Tim Greco

February 25, 2017 09:00 ET

Dr. Timothy Greco Now Offers Volbella® in Philadelphia

By adding Juvederm Volbella® to his Philadelphia-area practice, Dr. Timothy Greco kicked off 2017 with more options than ever for patients looking for nonsurgical cosmetic options for the face

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwired - February 25, 2017) - The double board certified Dr. Timothy Greco is a facial cosmetic plastic surgeon, but knows that not everyone seeking an aesthetic change is looking for surgery. Always striving to ensure that his patients enjoy the benefits of a range of options, he ended 2016 by adding a new nonsurgical option to his practice: Volbella®. Philadelphia-area men and women seeking to temporarily smooth out wrinkles around the mouth or enhance the look of their lips by adding volume can now find what they are looking for in the newest member of the Juvéderm® line of fillers.

The announcement revealing that Volbella® was approved by the US FDA for lip augmentation and correcting perioral rhytids (lines around the lips) first came in June 2016. Just a few months later, Dr. Greco began introducing it to his patients, then firmly established it as a new go-to treatment at his practice by the outset of 2017.

Like all Juvéderm® products, Volbella® has hyaluronic acid as its base. Manufacturer Allergan blends different weights of the beneficial carbohydrate, a technique that gives the filler its durability. Studies have shown that results can last through one year after an initial treatment session.

Allergan also keeps the hyaluronic acid concentration levels relatively low and cross-links the hyaluronic acid molecules during production to create a very distinct consistency. The gel is notably smooth, making it ideal for subtle corrections. Lip augmentation with Volbella® is not about creating a dramatic enhancement; rather, the product and injection technique yield natural-looking results that combine noticeable augmentation with the already soft look of the mouth area.

As a treatment, Volbella® can help with patients who have experienced volume loss in their lips over time due to environmental factors and aging, as well as people who have always had thinner lips that they wished were fuller and rounder.

The wrinkles targeted by Volbella® are commonly caused by natural volume loss in the skin, further exacerbated by the destruction of healthy hyaluronic acid and collagen due to exposure to the ultraviolet radiation in sunlight.

When injected with skill and maintained via periodic follow-up visits, Volbella® can keep the mouth area -- a focal point on the face for others' eyes -- looking young, healthy, and smooth.

Find out more about Volbella® in Philadelphia at facial cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Tim Greco's practice. Visit, or call (610) 664-8830 for more information on this new filler from Juvéderm® and other available treatments and procedures.

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