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Dr. William Levine

April 18, 2013 22:13 ET

Dr. William Levine -- Podiatrist Treating With Reflexology

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Apr 18, 2013) - Dr. William Levine, board certified Podiatrist, has just opened an office at 250 West 49th Street in New York City at the Healthy Tao Medical Office where treatments include an integrative approach with a focus on reflexology. Dr. Levine is one of a very select few Podiatric physicians trained in both traditional medicine and alternative (holistic) medicine. Dr. Levine's vast training allows him to treat the foot as a part of the whole patient (hence the derivative of the term holistic). By doing so, Integrative Footcare treatments include non-traditional medication such as herbals and supplements, as well as traditional medications such as steroid injection. Each patient is unique and correspondingly Dr. William Levine considers all of the various options and customizing treatment. During the 20 years that he has been in practice, Dr. William Levine has developed keen knowledge of both traditional and alternative treatment disciplines. As a result his patients often may gain complete relief of their symptoms without ever using or requiring use of internal medication (in certain cases where immediate relief is desired, or there is moderate to severe pain traditional medicine may be the most effective means of treatment). As an example, through his training in Reflexology, Dr. Levine can prescribe and perform a predetermined number of sessions and achieve phenomenal results that frequently exceed those of traditional treatments without the risk of any adverse effects.

In an effort to bring the best care and convenience to his patients, Dr. Levine is now offering housecalls for urgent foot problems like infected ingrown toenails, ankle sprains and diabetic wounds. Home visits (and office visits) are even offered for minor services like trimming of toenails, cutting thick painful toenails, and medical pedicures often for less than the cost of most pedicure spa treatments (and without risk of fungus often contracted at spas).

Doctor William Levine is an exceptionally trained surgeon. He now offers Minimal Incision Surgery for bunion correction in addition to traditional open surgery. The advantages of Minimally Invasive bunion surgery are less dissection, less trauma to tissue, less bleeding, less down time, ability to walk in a surgical shoe right after the procedure, virtually painless procedure (patients often don't require pain meds), less scarring, much smaller incision, beautiful results. Many of Dr. Levine's patients and colleagues consider him to be an artist and they recommend him without reservation.

"I treat each patient as if they were a member of my family. During my surgical residency program at St. Michaels Medical Center in Newark, New Jersey, a hospital affiliated with Seton Hall University, my residency director and mentor Dr. Scott Agins instilled in me the approach of treating every patient as you would your own mother. This idea left an indelible impression on me as a young physician and it informs my rapport with patients to this day," Dr. Levine says with conviction during his speech at the international Medical Congress in Washington D.C. 1999.

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