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July 15, 2011 02:00 ET

Dragon Holdings AG releases its results for the first quarter 2011

Dragon Holdings AG releases its results for the first quarter 2011

(Munich - 28/06/2011) Dragon Holdings AG (WKN: A1CTDS), is pleased to announce its results for the first
quarter 2011 (01.01.2011-31.03.2011).

The revenue of Dragon Holdings AG at the end of the first quarter was Euro 7,586,727. EBT (Earnings before Tax)
was Euro 830,574. Dragon Holdings AG is a holdings Company and all the profits were earned by subsidiaries
hence post tax net profit is Euro 830,574.

The total assets of Dragon holdings AG nearly doubled from Euro 23,662,976 to a total of Euro 45,074,058, with
the equity ratio rising from 3.3% to 21.53%.

"The companies first quarter results represent a good start in the year" said Michael Hughes, CEO. "As
anticipated, first quarter sales revenues were strong, increasing 473.62 percent compared with the annual
revenue of 2010. The acquisitions completed in last quarter 2010 have shown positive results. The results of
the first quarter show the positive effect of these acquisitions."

Dragon Holdings AG operates as a holding company. The Company, through its subsidiaries, handles various
business activities related to BotTrading Technology, used to execute buy and sell trade operations
automatically on worldwide futures exchanges without human intervention. Dragon Holdings AG thru its
subsidiaries markets trading platforms that use mathematical algorithms to trade commodity markets, GAPG and
risk management software, throughout South east Asia, middle east and India

Details are available on companies Website.

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