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June 17, 2011 10:44 ET

Dragon Holdings AG: Results for the first Annual Report for fiscal year ending 31/12/2010

Dragon Holdings AG: Results for the first Annual Report for fiscal year ending 31/12/2010

(Munich - 17/06/2011) The Dragon Holdings AG (WKN: A1CTDS), a holding company is happy to announce its annual
results for the fiscal year ending 2010 (28th August 2010 - 31st Dec 2010).

The revenue of Dragon Holdings AG at the end of the fiscal year was € 1,322,611. EBT (Earnings before Tax) was
€ 131,045 and a net profit of € 131,028.

Dragon Holdings AG has set itself the target of acquiring companies that fit into its BotTrading businesses as
well as to market its Trading platforms in Europe. These platforms use algorithms, GAPG and risk management

After the foundation of the company in August 2010, there was initial cash contribution for capital increase to
€ 785,000.

In the course of the fiscal year 2010, Dragon Holdings AG acquired a number of diverse business activities
related to BotTrading Technology in Germany and Asia. These include AlgoSys Germany AG (Germany) with 51%,
Right Deal Ltd. (Hong Kong) with 100% and retroactively with 51 % in Tradeology Ltd. in Singapore. This latter
company has a 52% holding in both Vito Trading Ltd. (British Virgin Islands) and Capital Win Ltd. (Republic of
Seychelles). Due to its acquisitions, the balance sheet of Dragon holdings AG grew to a total of € 23,600,000,
with an equity ratio of 3.006 %.

Michael Hughes, CEO of Dragon Holdings AG gave the comment: "The strategies used in the fiscal year ending 2010
included building a sound foundation that led to takeovers in the last quarter of the year. We will soon
announce the results for the first quarter, which will show the positive effect of these acquisitions."

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Dragon Holdings AG operates as a holding company. The Company, through its subsidiaries, handles various
business activities related to BotTrading Technology, used to execute buy and sell trade operations
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