DragonWave Inc.

DragonWave Inc.

March 17, 2008 06:01 ET

DragonWave's New Service Delivery Unit Enables Cost-Effective Convergence of Mixed Traffic Onto Carrier Ethernet Networks

New DragonWave pseudowire solution enables migration to packet-based networks and future-proofs for changes in traffic mix

OTTAWA, CANADA--(Marketwire - March 17, 2008) - DragonWave Inc. (AIM:DWI)(TSX:DWI), a leading global supplier of next-generation wireless networks, today announced its Service Delivery Unit (SDU) product portfolio, enabling carriers to efficiently converge Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) and Internet Protocol (IP) services on a cost-effective, flexible Ethernet network foundation. In the migration to carrier Ethernet, DragonWave's new pseudowire solution fosters a simplified, future-proofed, packet-based network that is significantly more affordable to build, power, support and maintain.

DragonWave will show its new SDU portfolio in Booth 5852 at CTIA Wireless® in the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 1-3.

"The SDU offers service providers a compelling path to full-blown carrier Ethernet," said Todd Graetz, CEO for Montana-based Cutthroat Communications, a transAria company. "The ability to convert to packets at the edge of the network and then pass though intermediate sites as a single, converged, IP-based stream reduces network costs and significantly simplifies operations. With the SDU, DragonWave is future-proofing our network for changes in traffic mix moving forward."

The new SDU pseudowire solution is another DragonWave tool for enabling carriers to converge TDM and IP traffic across a single, wireless Ethernet infrastructure. With the SDU providing both pseudowire and Ethernet switching functionality, a carrier reduces investment by deploying a single box for these two functions in its network.

"The benefits of carrier Ethernet are well understood, but carriers need the flexibility to make incremental steps in convergence," said Emmy Johnson, Principal Analyst with Skylight Research. "They seek to continue to benefit from legacy investment, even while evolving for support of new Ethernet services-all while holding capital and operational expenditures in check."

There are three versions of the SDU: a 16-port T1/E1 version, a two-port DS3 version and a one-port OC3/STM1 version. In addition to supporting point-to-point TDM transport, the SDU can provide virtual aggregation, further cutting carrier costs by reducing the requirement for TDM cross-connects in the network; a carrier could deploy the T1/E1 version of the SDU at multiple remote locations and aggregate the traffic with the DS3/OC3 version for delivery into the network core. The DragonWave solution supports up to six Gigabit Ethernet ports, in addition to the TDM ports. The SDU provides key carrier-grade features, such as traffic prioritization, Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) tagging, Ethernet demarcation and full redundancy. Up to three SDUs can be deployed in a single standard carrier equipment rack unit.

"Carriers need tools for keeping their cost of churn low, and we engineered the SDU with that goal in mind," said Alan Solheim, Vice President of Product Management at DragonWave. "The SDU enables carriers to gradually and cost-effectively migrate more of their network from TDM circuits to packet-based traffic and realize the benefits of true network convergence. With network operations and management so simplified, this enables carriers to more aggressively address new markets."

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DragonWave™ is a leading provider of high-capacity wireless Ethernet equipment used in emerging IP networks. DragonWave designs, develops, and markets carrier-grade microwave radio frequency networking equipment that wirelessly transmit broadband voice, video and other data. DragonWave's wireless Ethernet products, which are based on a native Ethernet platform, function as a wireless extension to an existing fiber-optic core telecommunications network. The principal application for DragonWave's products is the backhaul function in a wireless communications network. Additional applications for DragonWave's products include point-to-point transport in private networks, including municipal and enterprise networks. DragonWave's corporate headquarters is located in Ottawa, Ontario, with sales locations in Europe, Middle East and North America. The company's Web site is http://www.dragonwaveinc.com

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