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October 31, 2012 13:00 ET

Drawn to Scale Announces Limited Availability of Spire

Drawn to Scale Delivers the New Standard for Operational SQL on Hadoop

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 31, 2012) - Drawn to Scale, Inc, creator of Spire, the real-time SQL database on Hadoop, today announced Spire is in Limited Availability. Spire establishes a new standard for deploying massively scalable SQL operational workloads for web, mobile, and the enterprise. Spire allows developers to interact with Hadoop as if it were a traditional RDBMS, with real-time reads and writes. Spire leverages a fully distributed architecture similar to Google's F1 database, built for commodity infrastructure or the cloud. A limited number of invitations are available immediately.

Real-Time ANSI SQL on Hadoop
Enterprises and start-ups with Big Data are eager to leverage the scale and reliability of enterprise Hadoop, but this requires new platform management skills in distributed systems and data architecture. Spire makes it easy for developers to connect new and existing applications with thousands of simultaneous users, without having to wait for batch-oriented MapReduce jobs. "Spire is a great fit for Web and mobile applications with business-critical operational requirements or users interacting with large data stores in real time," says Bradford Stephens CEO and Founder of Drawn to Scale. Today Spire is helping telecoms, mobile analytics, social networking, and financial companies looking to scale applications and drive smarter business decisions utilizing increasingly more data.

Predictable Performance at Scale
There are three core components to Spire's real-time performance: two-layer optimization (on a global and local level), a distributed indexing engine, and a Virtual Query Machine.

Using the global optimization engine and distributed index, Spire creates an intelligent map of the underlying data allowing efficient routing of requests to only the servers in the cluster with the data needed. This results in orders-of-magnitude better throughput than classic sharded databases. As a SQL query runs, Spire then employs local optimization tactics on every node to efficiently manage memory, disk, and network resources, giving consistent and predictable performance. The Spire Virtual Query Machine performs low-level computations by abstracting away the cluster and network access, making it easy to add features and tune performance on-the-fly, without server-side changes.

Spire Supports SQL Joins
Joins are essential requirement of ANSI SQL. Executing joins on data across hundreds of nodes is very complicated and expensive to compute. Even worse, joins in real time require careful measurement of the amount of data to be joined and complicated memory management. Drawn to Scale has solved this problem and Spire can support many applications previously utilizing traditional DBs, as well as BI tools requiring complex aggregation of disparate pieces of data into a single result set. 

Customer Testimonials
"There is tremendous pressure today for development teams to create and launch new real-time applications that scale to massive data sets on a unified platform. Spire gives Flurry the scale of Hadoop but with standard SQL, making it easy with a complete set of tools, decreasing the time and complexity for developers to interact with the data," said Brian Johnson, Senor Developer at Flurry.

"As Kidblog looks to expand its back-end platform to allow for more scale in dynamic data and event based spikes in users, Spire presents the best-in-class architecture. Spire allows us to support dynamic reads and writes with predictable real-time performance to handle spikes gracefully, and extensible schemas with collection fields allow us to add features and minimize joins without re-factoring the database," said Ryan Peterson, Sr. Architect of KidBlog.

Pricing and Availability
Spire is available today as subscription licensed software that can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or as a single instance developer image. Pricing model is based on a per server node, per month, month-to-month with no minimum term. Slots are available in the Limited Availability program. For more information, please visit

About Drawn to Scale
Drawn to Scale is the creator of Spire, the real-time SQL database on Hadoop. Spire's fully distributed indexing and query engine give real-time performance even under heavy load. Spire is the ideal database for web applications, machine-to-machine data, social gaming, sentiment analysis, smart grid, business intelligence, web analytics and more. With partnerships with leading Big Data companies like MapR, the company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Investors include RTP Ventures with participation by IA Ventures and SK Ventures.

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